Top 10 Best and Popular 3D Modeling Software

Prepare a spectacular commercial design for an interior project, create an animation for an application, or just a bright presentation – all this allows you to do 3D graphics. To create high-quality volumetric visualization, you will need 3D Modeling Software.

Below we have listed the most popular 3D modeling software.

They are suitable for both beginners – for example, to quickly visualize their interior design and advanced professionals who want to render videos with maximum realism. We recommend choosing a program for studying according to your level:

Autodesk TinkerCAD

Purpose: teaching modeling, creating simple models.

Cost: free.

Perhaps the simplest 3D modeling program, a real sandbox. TinkerCAD interacts with Minecraft and Scratch, has special programs for teaching various disciplines, so if you think how useful you can captivate your child, the choice is yours. The icing on the cake is the ability to export the created model for 3D printing, so at a basic level, it will be useful for adults as well.

DesignSpark Mechanical

Purpose: modeling of engineering structures.

Cost: free.

Mechanical is primarily aimed at beginners and just amateurs in terms of 3D modeling. The possibilities compared to AutoCAD are much more modest, but free of charge, and effectively 一 you can easily create almost any volumetric part for further use in more complex compositions or send it for 3D printing. Complex textures and dynamic representation are out of the question here, but technical specialists don’t really need them.

Sketch up

Purpose: quick visualization of architectural ideas.

Cost: Free for personal use and paid.

SketchUp is very common among ordinary users as a 3D design modeling program, quick visualization of models of apartments, rooms, and internal communications. However, the capabilities of the program are much wider, since the product has been developed by the Google team for several years. At a professional level, SketchUp allows you to solve complex architectural problems, whether it is the design of entire buildings and even districts, without spending a lot of time and effort on it.


Purpose: modeling of parts and structures.

Cost: free.

FreeCAD is a classic representative of free software, with this any user can take the first steps in the world of 3D modeling without delving into the intricacies of visualization. It will be very useful for those who are familiar with Python, firsthand the product allows you to create and integrate your own modules written in this language. So if you’re dabbling in a future specialization between programming and design, FreeCAD is the perfect companion.

Advanced level 3D Modeling Software

Autodesk AutoCAD

Purpose: modeling of engineering structures.

Cost: from $220 per month.

The program, originally sharpened for the creation of two-dimensional engineering drawings, today has very powerful capabilities for 3D modeling. In any case, this applies to everything outside of the final rendering and texture mapping. Whether it’s a technical detail with many small elements or a model of a huge building, AutoCAD will handle it equally well. It will also be useful for working with 3D printing or cutting.   

Cinema 4D

Purpose: graphic visualization of scenes.

Cost: $831 (approximately) per year.

Despite the simple interface, Cinema4D has ample opportunities for sculpting, rendering, creating textures, and animation effects. Plus, there are a number of tools designed to simplify and speed up the process of creating scenes. At the same time, you should not think that any user will cope with the program – the experience of at least basic 3D modeling is essential, and the scenes will not build themselves. 


Purpose: sculpting models.

Cost: from $40 per month.

Anyone who loves to mess around with clay and plaster in the real world will enjoy working with ZBrush tremendously. Here, too, the main area of ​​creativity lies in the field of sculpting. After obtaining the desired outlines of the face or body, the program will help you add the desired textures, highlights, and shadows to achieve the final result. Working with ZBrush is so comfortable that you can perceive it not only as a professional tool, but also as a complete entertainment.


Purpose: sculpting models and animation.

Cost: free.

Blender is a unique symbiosis of quality and affordability. There are tools for creating high-quality 3D models, applying textures to them, including hair and fabrics, further animation, and video post-processing. And all this is packed into less than 200 megabytes of space. At the same time, like any large open source project, Blender has a powerful community and is constantly acquiring new features.   

3D Modeling Software For professionals

Autodesk 3ds Max

Purpose: The creation of high-quality graphic 3D models.

Required level of training: professional.

Cost: from $215 per month.

Perhaps one of the most powerful 3D modeling programs used everywhere: in games, the film industry, architecture, interior and landscape design, presentations of any products. Here, the possibilities of texture processing, rendering, ray tracing, object interaction are implemented at the highest level, which allows you to implement ideas of any complexity. It is strongly recommended for all specialists who are responsible for the visual representation of objects, both in statics and dynamics.

Autodesk Maya

Purpose: graphic visualization of scenes.

Required level of training: professional.

Cost: from $215 per month.

Maya is ideal for anyone who has to create plots with maximum realism, that is, representatives of cinema, animation, and games. The possibilities for creating effects here are limited only by your imagination. For example, using only built-in modules, you can implement the interaction of wind, rain, fabrics, explosions, hair, and much more. Simultaneously and in the same scene. Of course, for this, you have to spend a lot of time learning Maya and competently planning scenes, but it’s worth it.


Of course, this is not a complete list of programs for 3D modeling, but it contains the most popular tools for designers and constructors. Therefore, whether you want to find something to visualize the interior of your future apartment or build a successful career from scratch, here you will find an effective solution.

Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma
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