Learn Basic Off Page SEO Optimization Techniques

September 15, 2016 by OurNetHelps

The entire SEO process works on two types of optimization methodologies i.e. On-Page and Off Page SEO optimization. Both methodologies have their own distinct and wide processes to rank websites on top search engine results.

The SEO process starts with on-page SEO optimization wherein the optimized content is added, Meta Tags are created and so on. Once the entire on-page SEO optimization is complete, the off-page SEO optimization starts. Off-Page SEO optimization involves activities which are undertaken to secure relevant backlinks towards the site to make the web page relevant in front of search engine spiders.

Every SEO expert follows a different strategy to achieve good results. However, there are few Off Page SEO Optimization Techniques that are used by almost every SEO professional working in this industry.

Some of them are as below:

Directory Submission:

There are many directories available on the internet where the SEO team submits titles containing a specific keyword, description, and link to the website. In short, a small brief about the company or product or services is provided in directory submission.

Social Bookmarking:

The SEO team looks for the relevant social bookmarking sites where they can bookmark their own website or relevant links to get a backlink from the site.

Forum Commenting:

Web forums are used to generate traffic for the websites. Therefore, by participating in web forums, the SEO experts include the website links as a signature in their reply.

Posting Stories:

There are hundreds of relevant article directories, genuine press release directories and frequently viewed blog directories on the internet. The SEO professionals post and submit the quality content written with specific keywords on the respective directories.

Deep Linking:

The SEO services also work for promoting inner web pages on the internet. To do this, they submit the inner web page URLs on the various directories and link submission options

RSS Feed Generation and Submissions:

To aware every visitor about the frequent updates RSS feed generation and submission is used. In this, any update made on the website or even posting any new information through new blogs or stories etc is directly updated through emails to the visitors.

Social Networking:

It is the platform where different and various users can communicate, send messages and share information on various products, services, industries, relations etc. This is another way to divert traffic to some particulars sites. The SEO experts create a fan following page on the social networking sites and post regular updates with the link to promote web links.

Finally, 1-way link, 2-way link, and 3-way link methods are used to promote and spread the website link among various websites across the world of internet. All these and many more technicalities are involved in promoting and spreading website links across the internet.

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