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What is Circumventing Systems Policy (Violate Google Ads policies)

Still don’t know what circumvention systems policies are? Today we are going to explain this concept to you so that you don’t fall into bad practices that could lead to the rejection of your ads and even the suspension of your Google Ads advertiser account. It is important that your advertising campaigns offer the user truthful and honest information.

To define what circumvention systems are, we have to take a look at the Google Ads policies. In the specific case that concerns us, the guidelines established to advertise in the Google search engine related to circumvention systems are aimed at preventing content, advertisements, or landing pages from being published with the intention of misleading the user and taking advantage of manipulating the ad review process.

Google Ads takes the quality standards of PPC campaigns and ads launched from its platform very seriously. And this is where the fight against circumvention systems comes in.

What is elusive advertising content?

When we talk about elusive advertising content, we refer to all those tricks aimed at deliberately manipulating the content and resources of one or more PPC campaigns to turn the tool’s review system around. The objective is to make a profit by displaying messages about products or services that are not allowed to be advertised in Google Ads.

By creating your Google Ads account you agree to play by certain rules. For example, the use of trademarks in the text of advertisements is prohibited.

Failure to comply with these policies can lead to serious consequences, such as the suspension of your advertiser account. This would be disastrous for businesses that depend on the traffic coming to their website through their pay-per-click campaigns to survive in the market. Google will give you at least seven days notice before suspending your account.

Practices included within the circumvention systems

In this section, we will go into more detail on what are the actions that are prohibited to advertisers if they do not want to be penalized for using circumvention systems. Broadly speaking, it can be said that displaying different content to the search engine and to the user, ensuring that this circumstance is not detected during the Google Ads review process, is a punishable practice.

In this sense, it is not possible to create variations of ads or domains expressly designed to show content or visual resources that have been previously rejected. Also, you cannot try to hide the sexually explicit content of videos, images, or texts.

On the other hand, manipulating your website to advertise articles or display content banned by Google Ads is also considered illegal. Keep in mind that you can’t restrict search engine access to the landing pages of your ads, for example.

All that has been said so far can be summed up in that the provision of false information within the Google Ads verification programs is not tolerated. You risk an account suspension for repeated or major violations.

A serious violation of Google Ads policies

Google Ads has several mechanisms to detect if an advertiser is taking advantage of circumvention systems. When it comes to deciding whether an advertiser or landing page violates this policy, you can look to account data, ad content, and even claims from other users or businesses.

Beware, it is not uncommon for misunderstandings to occur regarding circumvention systems. Especially if you work with keywords that closely resemble a prohibited term. And of course, automated reviews are not always 100% accurate.

Your ads or campaigns may be disapproved for no reason. Filing an appeal and ultimately talking to Google Ads support is the only solution if you think you’ve done things correctly.

In short, circumvention systems encompass all actions likely to be carried out by an advertiser in order to create misleading or illegal domains, accounts, campaigns or advertisements. Do not apply this strategy if you want your search engine marketing campaigns to work properly.

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