What does purple mean in psychology?

Each person has their own tastes and preferences. By the color of clothes, you can easily tell about the personality, and learn about the character and mood of a person. Purple is a cross between blue and red, it is bright and therefore attracts attention. What does this color mean in psychology?

How to choose the right color in clothes?

In order to persuade the interlocutor to your side and influence him during a conversation, it is enough just to choose the right color in clothes. Color Meaning:

  1. Bright red is the color of victory, it awakens in a person the confidence and desire to go to the intended goal, as well as make the right choice.
  2. The blue color is ideal for some important meetings where you need to make quick decisions.
  3. Green is the color of cheerfulness and calmness. Therefore, if there is some important event ahead, give preference to a green outfit.
  4. White color will help to win over the interlocutor so that he agrees with your point of view.
  5. Yellow clothing promotes calm and creative upsurge.
  6. Purple or lilac is considered the color of intuition, it helps people overcome fears and be more determined.
  7. Orange color energizes, positive, and contributes to the rapid establishment of contact with partners.

Thanks to the right color of clothing, you can significantly influence the opinions of others, both women and men.

Characteristics of personality by color

Of course, a person chooses the clothes that he likes. In this case, color plays a major role in this choice. Looking at the predominance of colors in clothes, one can easily understand what a person is, what a person’s character is, and even identify some mental disorders:

  1. Black fans are very strong people who strive to be the first in everything. Such people are very categorical about other people’s opinions and are always guided only by their own conclusions.
  2. Love has always been associated with the color red. That is why this shade in clothes suggests that the owner is very brave, decisive, and passionate. The negative features of such people include aggression and cruelty.
  3. Fans of blue are distinguished by openness, friendliness, and strength of character. Such people attract others to them, but sometimes it may seem that they are indifferent.
  4. People whose favorite color is purple are characterized in psychology as quite bright and unusual personalities. They are creative and get along well with others, but are secretive.
  5. People who prefer green are stubborn and persistent. They are smart and try to fulfill themselves throughout their lives.
  6. Yellow lovers are slightly selfish, they consider themselves the best in everything. They are distinguished by calmness and an optimistic outlook on life. Such people prefer intelligent interlocutors.

The meaning of purple

As mentioned earlier, purple is a mixture of red and blue. Therefore, its shades will mean a different mood. If red means passion and a large influx of energy, then blue means calmness. People who choose a rich purple color constantly have an internal confrontation with themselves.

For a woman, this color can mean pregnancy, while the lady herself may not even suspect that she is in an interesting position. Purple color for a teenager means the search for psychological support from loved ones.

In psychology, there are 3 shades of purple:

  • purple with a predominance of blue is more often liked by rude people who find it difficult to find a common language with others and cannot get along in a team;
  • purple with a predominance of red is usually loved by sentimental people with an immature psyche;
  • light purple is chosen by gullible creative people who are independent at the same time.

Purple color in psychology is considered mysterious and mysterious. Lovers of this color most often live by their own rules, denying generally accepted norms. They are creators and dreamers. This color is not suitable for people with a fragile psyche and children, as it often causes apathy. But if you strive to fulfill yourself and prove yourself, then purple is perfect for you.

The light shade of purple in psychology also implies the interweaving of masculine and feminine principles. People who prefer this shade are suspicious and sentimental, but they are always ready to help and are tolerant.

By the colors that a person loves, one can roughly determine his character traits and emotional state.

Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma
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