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Magic words on a CV


Underlining certain words or phrases correctly affects how your CV will be perceived. If you are responding to an advertisement, you should also use keywords from the job description. Curriculum vitae service experts advise that if, for example, you are applying for a job in human resources, you should underline words such as “recruiting” or “employment”.

Sending out a CV humiliates me

Be specific about yourself. Rather than formulating succinct subheadings, highlight specific situations that demonstrate your abilities and accomplishments in your professional field. Experts say a resume that’s too short doesn’t give the full picture, and recommend expanding on certain topics to present a more complete and interesting image of the candidate.

Address your application appropriately

It is worth asking friends and colleagues if they know of any companies we are interested in. Targeting your application in a specific way makes it more likely that it will go straight to the right person without any intermediary steps.

A personalised approach

Another way to get attention is to add a personal touch. Recruitment experts say it can be a handwritten cover letter, or even a commentary on an issue such as the economy. It should be something that makes our application stand out.

Update it regularly

If you’ve been sending out a CV for a while now and haven’t seen any results, it’s worth checking that all the nuances of the job have been addressed in your CV and that your CV or the letter itself hasn’t been stressed in any other way.

Words that will ruin any CV

When the wrong words appear on a resume, they can do a lot of harm to the candidate. HR directors cull them out in seconds. Here are a few examples.

Responsible for

Everyone is known to be responsible for something. The question is, how much of everything, for how long, who, what, when? Here you have to be specific and give figures. Employers want facts.


Talking about the experience is different from giving facts about the experience. You should be specific here as well. Instead of “experience in PHP programming”, write “writing PHP software to enable online shopping at an exchange company”.

Excellent written communication

It’s not one word, of course, but it’s a phrase you should get away with. It can be found on most job applications. You shouldn’t write ‘excellent written communication’, let’s use it instead: ‘edited the customer assistance tab on the company website, written in plain language, resulting in a 50 percent reduction in the number of customers using the call center’.

Ability to work as part of a team

It’s best not to write that on a CV. Experts laugh that it’s a good suggestion for a resume if you want to play on a basketball team. So instead of, for example, “ability to work in large and small teams” it is better to say “thanks to cooperation with clients, programmers, technicians, and interface designers, the financial reporting software was delivered three months ahead of schedule”.


You should only write about your successes in your CV or cover letter, so there’s no need to emphasize this further. It’s better to show your effectiveness by giving specific examples. A general statement such as ‘skillfully sold a product’ should be replaced by ‘increased chocolate sales by 32%’.

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