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How to correctly indicate the desired salary in the resume?


This article will talk about how to correctly indicate the desired salary and whether it is necessary to put a “price tag”.

How to justify the desired salary level?

The desired salary level should be justified during the interview. Recruiters recommend using the following arguments:

  • market situation;
  • Knowledge, skills, qualifications;
  • achievements;
  • volume of work.

You should not mention the needs of your family, children, or difficult circumstances. Employers welcome a moderate amount of chutzpah. If they are interested in the employee, they often make advances, even if the desired salary in the resume is slightly higher.

Specialists of new professions, which have just appeared on the market, are in the most advantageous position due to the lack of competition. Even if a large amount is specified, the company, having no alternative, will offer compromise options.

Why you should not inflate the salary?

Too high a salary in the resume will scare away the employer, even if the candidate is very valuable. Especially cautious approach to the formation of a salary applicants without experience, yesterday’s students. Newcomers, as experience shows, very often make this mistake, demonstrating that they don’t know what they’re being paid for.

Another reason not to inflate your salary is the risk of losing employers who offer bonuses in the form of overseas trips, career advancement, and ambitious projects. That expectations are inflated is shown by the lack of responses to resumes.

Why shouldn’t you underpay?

Dumping is also harmful. Low salary requirements create doubts about qualifications, knowledge, and create the impression that the candidate is looking for work for a long time and no one needs it. Therefore, there are employers who fundamentally do not consider too modest candidates.

But the undervalued salary on the resume still attracts a lot of “mind hunters. However, most calls are likely to be rejected as a waste of time, because the employer will probably want more concessions for himself. In addition, candidates “without claims” who are hired are often deliberately underpaid.

Should I use a resume writing service?

The basic idea of resume writing is to promote the client’s strengths in a way that appeals to the potential employer. Don’t choose writing services just because the prices are lower than similar services. Instead, look for resume companies with client testimonials or samples of resumes they have written for clients.

A resume writing service should be aware of what employers are looking for, and professional resume writers should know the current “buzzwords” used in each industry. The resume should also be completely error-free or virtually useless in the job market.

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