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How to Create Content that People will Share?

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You have already heard from marketers more than once that content is able to gather a loyal audience around you due to its viral component. Viral content spreads over the Internet due to the biological need of people alone – people want to interact with their own kind and share useful links. Also, people are driven to share interesting content by the need to express themselves when they come across a post that reflects their worldview.

Dreaming of learning how to create content that people will share? Then our article will come in handy for you!

How to make quality content (Content Creation Tips)

When we share tips, we make sure to mention that first of all you should decide on the target audience. The audience of a dentist will not be the same as that of a kindergarten psychologist. The audience of the photographer will be different than that of the girl leading the “Ideal Wife Blog”.

So be mindful of who you are writing for. If you run an entertainment blog, then you don’t need self-promotion and going on stage under the glare of spotlights at all, so you shouldn’t post your selfies on Instagram every day!

Do you have a business theme? Most likely, your subscribers need more informational content than entertainment content.

So, having decided on the target audience, its pain, needs, and desires, start working on creating content that will be shared.

1. Solve people’s problems.

Content that solves people’s problems will always be valuable and will always have a huge number of shares on social networks.

Why does it happen? Let’s look at an example. Here’s a beginner photographer who finds a client for a photo shoot. And he understands that he knows well the technical characteristics of his camera and its capabilities, but how to work with the model is the question.

He surfs the Internet and finds a post on google with 50 poses for a love story photo shoot.

Of course, these posts are great for sharing, because people will get practical benefits by applying the tips. They make reposts so as not to lose information and so that at any time you can easily find this content without scrolling through the feed in the group itself.

Quality content is useful content. If the recommended advice can be taken, immediately put into practice, and get results, then it is useful advice. This is how content should be.

2. Bright title.

No matter how useful content you make, if your headlines are gray and no one reads them, then there is no hope that your content will become popular! How to create an attractive headline?

  1. Use numbers. Example: “20 tips to improve the work of the sales department.”
    Promise that people will learn something new. Example: “Instagram ads in the Stories section: what’s the point of the new format?”
  2. Use a question that provokes curiosity. Example: “How to promote an youtube channel on your own?” Tell me how to do something. Example: “How to write useful posts. 20 simple tips.

3. Draw ideas from pop culture.

You can take content ideas from popular culture. The most popular content quickly spreads across the Internet like a virus that takes over everything.

Follow the life of the stars, the news, see what hits are on the TOP radio charts, what new movies are coming out in the near future. Adapt this information to your product, to your content, to grab the attention of your audience.

Popular culture creates popular content. What content is getting popular? This is the kind of content that opinion leaders produce, these are all kinds of incidents, events in public life.

Mass communication is influenced by the emergence of social networks in which everyone can express their opinion on an event.

If you keep track of these things, then based on this, you can easily create content that will be shared!

4. Emotions are the basis of viral content. 

Content that inspires and evokes emotions can go viral. Suppose a person has a certain point of view on some event, or he is simply categorical on some issue.

And here he meets a post that confirms his point of view. A person will share this post because he has such a biological need for self-expression. Perhaps he himself would not create such posts, but here you can easily and quickly share a ready-made post confirming his correctness in this matter.

So if you’re wondering how to create your content, then here’s an idea for you – create stories that touch on people’s basic needs! Evoke emotions, motivate people!

5. Content is not only texts.

Content is multifaceted, and answering the question “How to make quality content?”, make it diverse: comics, infographics, videos, podcasts, photos! Determine what type of content is most popular with your audience and tailor it to their needs.

6. Answer the question: how?

We have already talked about how to create interesting content – to solve the needs of your audience. So, create more content that answers the HOW question.

  • How to choose a tour package?
  • How to learn photography without overpaying for expensive courses?
  • How to quickly bounce back after childbirth?
  • How to raise a successful child?
  • How to save money on travel?

All these questions people ask themselves and look for answers to these questions on the Internet. Provide them with ready-made solutions, and it will be the content that will go viral. After all, people will share it, fixing it in their tapes so as not to lose it.

7. See through the customer’s eyes.

Don’t know how to create unique content? Then look at your product, your offer, and life in general through the eyes of customers.

Can’t do it? Then talk to the sales department, attend consultations, listen to phone call recordings, collect customer objections and their questions! You will discover an amazing world through the eyes of a client! And you will have a thousand ideas for creating cool content.

When creating a new post or article, simply answer customer objections or questions. That will be good content that you want to share!

8. Originality of content.

It takes effort to create quality content. To be original in your content, you need to try even harder.

To do this, read blogs, visit sites, and groups, because this is a storehouse of original content that you simply adapt for your audience.

We don’t teach you about plagiarism, it’s just that by watching what others do, you will develop the skill of creating original content over time. Try to bring something new with each unit of your content, otherwise, Google will not rank you!

Do you have a sense of humor, your own style, or are you able to make forecasts based on analytical data, or are you observant and have thousands of stories in your mind for different occasions? Use it all, be original!

9. Engage users – run contests.

How do you get people to share your content on their own? Get them actively involved in content creation. This will help competitions.

Let’s say you run a children’s photography blog and share your practical tips. Run a “How my blog helped you learn, how to take cool pictures of your kids” contest. People should share this news on social media and write their own short essays. You will choose the best essays and determine the winners who will get your paid master classes for free as gifts.

This is just an example that you can adapt to your product and theme.

10. Touch on current topics.

Creating relevant content is actually not that difficult. To do this, you need to follow what is happening in the world, read popular blogs and watch famous talk shows. So you will always be in trend. We have already said that popular culture provides thousands of ideas for interesting publications!

How to create good content? Follow our advice and you will definitely succeed!

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