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How to Handle a Wife

Getting angry is a part of human nature. Every one of us feels angry at some time or the other. But when this anger becomes tempered, it affects the relationship. Even in the relationship of husband and wife, it has been seen many times that the mood of one person is more hotter, so in order to maintain harmony in the relationship, the responsibility of the other partner to treat your angry partner wisely.

Dealing with anger is a challenge, especially when it is becoming a cause of cracks in the marital life. If the wife is angry, she will still have to play with her, for this, it is important that some special things are taken care of so that it will be easy to play with her and there is no bitterness in your relationships.

Try to know what makes her angry:

It is very important for husband and wife to know each other’s nature. The wife will not be angry on everything, of course, no one is furious. Look at the things and situations that make your wife angry. If they are understood and can be saved from such a situation, then the wife can be avoided to cope with the anger.

Keep checking your behavior:

You may have some habits and behaviors that he dislikes. It may not be possible for you to change those habits and behavior, but do not do those things or things in front of the wife, which creates anger in her.

Admit mistake:

Mistakes are most common, the wife wants you to accept your mistake, then what is the harm? In this way, he will also like it and you too will get rid of his anger quickly. Whenever there is a mistake, keep your ego aside. The matter will be handled immediately.

Listen to her:

She is probably getting angry because no one is willing to listen to her. Neither the boss in the office, nor the children in the house nor you. Many people in this world live in depression due to the fact that there is no one to listen to them. When she is angry, then listen to him only by understanding his condition and mental state.

Give time to calm down:

When you feel that your wife is feeling angry, instead of reacting or trying to silence her, give her time to calm down. Talking in the middle or calling it bad will only increase the talk. You might not listen to him, so he feels angry. Whatever she wants to say, if you give her a chance to say it, listen to her words carefully, give importance to her opinion, then she may not have to resort to anger. Give him space, so that he can realize his mistakes and maybe he can come and ask you to say sorry.

Psychologist Smita Shah believes that a person who feels very angry or who gets very angry gets calm as soon as possible. So if your wife’s mercury has become hot on something, then give her time to calm down. Although it is difficult to do so, try to keep a smile on your face at that time. Then see how your wife will calm down! Maybe he feels embarrassed too.

Be Patience:

To keep up with your angry wife, you have to be patience. You will also be surprised at times that why the wife felt angry at such a small thing or why she is reacting in this way. But in such a situation, to stop or interrupt him will mean to increase his anger. It would be better not to lose your patience. If possible, move away from it or go to another room. At least your tolerance will not leave you with this.

Go out of the house:

If she is very angry, then it would be good that you go out of the house. By the time you return, it will be quiet. But if she is feeling angry at someone else, both of you should go on the walk. This will help both him and you to relax. Usually, the wife likes the fact that her husband is supporting her. If your wife is wrong on some issue, then do not try to open her eyes or argue during anger, rather wait for the right time. If she feels that her husband is supporting her, then she will be very relaxed and her hormones will also be balanced, which will help her to control her anger.

Become emotionally strong:

It is very important for you to keep your angry wife in control and keep up with her. It is necessary for you to be emotionally strong. If you can do this, then you can make him realize that his anger is nothing but energy. But if she is able to make you angry too, then it simply means that she has control over your emotions.

According to psychologist Abha Yadav, “It would be better to keep your mouth shut and smile continuously instead of advising him to control emotions. At first, your smile may make her feel more angry, as she may feel that you are making fun of her or not taking her seriously, but slowly this is what compelled her to control her anger. Will do it.

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