Google Analytics – The Best Solution To Track Your Website Performance

Do you want an accurate metric of your website performance? Use Google Analytics tool to find all kinds of website data including organic traffic, time spent by visitors, and the viewed pages. While knowing these metrics, you can predict the growth of your website and can make improvements to increase your organic traffic.

Regular website tracking on Google Analytics helps to know the results of your organic leads. On average, 67% of organic clicks on search engines go for the first five results on SERP. So, how to reach the top of the search engine? It is simple! Improve the probability of gaining more organic traffic.

A better idea to drive huge traffic is to use Google Analytics for regular website tracking. Before getting deeper into the tool, one needs to know an intro about Google Analytics.

What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a web tool introduced by Google to track your website performance and helps to improve your organic traffic. It is a free tool that any kind of business or individual can access. Get the data of the number of individuals visiting your page and the time they stick to your website.

GA uses a small code to track the user performance on each of your pages which helps to make improvements to your content.

Admiring Benefits Of GA

Google Analytics gives hand by providing the insights and key metrics of your website to increase the visitor’s count. Here are some benefits that tend every business to use Google Analytics:

  • Get the overall performance of your site. I.e., conversion rate, page views, and total visits.
  • Know how the individual pages perform. For example: Get the bounce rate and conversion rate per page.
  • Insights for improving your website traffic.
  • Data of the traffic sources like social media, SEO, and paid search.

There are dozens of metrics available to track your website performance. So a little understanding of important metrics will be sufficient to increase your website traffic.

Know Important Metrics

Some of the important metrics in Google Analytics where the website owner needs to concentrate are:

  • Users
  • Sessions
  • Bounce rate
  • Pageviews
  • Page per session
  • Average time on the page
  • Landing pages
  • Unique pageviews

Google measures the overall traffic of a website with the visits and visitors, which are probably called sessions and users. And these data are together known as the metrics. The most useful metrics to drive great traffic are the new users, i.e., the number of visitors peep into your site for the first time, and the sessions per user. These are the great metrics to track your website performance. Remember, the tool will not identify the session from the same user if it happens on a different browser. 

Another important metric is the bounce rate. If your bounce rate is higher, you need to improve your content quality to stay users on your page for a longer time.

How Google Analytics Rises Website SEO?

Google Analytics provides valuable data on your website that helps your business to track and improve your SEO efforts. In this article, we are going to see the top six strategies that business experts use to improve SEO with Google Analytics:

1. Combine Search Console Account

Once you decide to use the Google Analytics tool to measure your website performance, connect it to the Google Search Console (GSC). When combining GA with GSC, you will see the whole picture of your website performance. Get an opportunity to improve your target keywords and pages you want to rank. It is because the Google Search console provides the keyword that your audiences use for finding your content and getting the ranking.

Also, while linking Google Analytics with your Google Ad, you can access everything except changing your keyword bids. Another valuable advantage is to get the in-depth information of your landing page like clicks, impressions, CTR, etc.

Before running any SEO campaign, it is essential to set a goal that takes you to website success. Having a goal for your website allows you to get the accurate metric of your website performance with perfect improvement. Always assign a value to your goal in Google Analytics, that helps to monitor the effectiveness of your website’s conversion rate

To set a goal, you need the URL of your conversion page that helps to provide the organic traffic for the required page and most importantly the organic leads. The goals that are available in Google Analytics are the destination, duration, event, and the pages per screen. With these metrics, you can make your conversion rate better. 

3. Make Use Of Organic Traffic Segment

GA helps to find and remove the filters of the spam traffic and provides only accurate reporting. Better, improve your linking source by using the best link-building service and gain more organic traffic to your website. Google Analytics considers direct traffic from different domains, social media channels, blogs, etc. But, by default, Email is not considered as the source of Google Analytics. 

Moreover, organic traffic is the most popular metric in Google Analytics to identify your website’s success. Do you know the default medium of Google Analytics from which the traffic arises? Here are those three mediums,

  • Organic
  • Referral and 
  • None.

Some consider Google as the medium of traffic source in Analytics. But the truth is, Google is not the default medium in Google Analytics. So, find the organic traffic in the right way to know your website’s success.

4. Identify the Top-Performing Content

Get the report of your top-performing pages regularly and analyze what changes need to be done to optimize your content further. Instead of working on non-raking sites, it is better to update with a strong CTA or content on the already ranking page. Only website tracking will not improve your rank. You need some additional promotions to gain the result for those pages. 

Generally, Google Analytics reports your website’s source and medium as the default traffic source. So, concentrate to gain more organic traffic with quality backlinks and unique content.

5. Find The Right Keywords

The biggest strategy of website success is the use of the right keyword. And, Google Analytics helps to find good volume keywords suitable for your content. To find the search terms, combine GA with GSC and tap onto Acquisition -> Search Console -> Landing Page. It shows the landing page that your audiences hit with the tip search terms that they use to find you.

Once targeting a particular keyword on Google Analytics, you can see the performance of the particular word and their current rank. With this data, you can alter your SEO strategy for greater performance.

Bottom Line

Why wait? Start utilizing the power of Google Analytics to improve the performance of your website SEO. Invest your time on the Google Analytics tool, which is free, to grow your business on the right path. Read the above article and find the importance of Google Analytics to track your website behavior. 

So, change your SEO strategy according to your website performance with the Google Analytics metrics and take your business towards the success path. Your website data is highly essential to succeed your business on search engines.

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