What Documents Do You Need to Open a Demat Account Online?

Trading/investing through a Demat account is a simple all-in-one solution. To open a Demat account online, all you need to do is a few clicks, and submit your personal document and receive your credentials. The whole operation of the Demat account works in an electronic format where stock exchanges operate, digitally.

A  Demat account is a repository where the digital copies of your stocks are stored and managed. Those who know the importance of a Demat account will Open Demat Account Online and utilize the market by investing, trading, holding, and monitoring in a faster and convenient way.

How To Open A Demat Account Online?

Opening a Demat account from a Financial firm such as Kotak Securities is very simple and reliable. The opening of a Demat account online starts with a simple registration and  KYC(Know your customer)  process.

The first step of Demat account opening is customer identification. Similar to any other services, opening a Demat account online is not a big burden for investors.

Document Required For Online Demat Account Opening.

  • Identity proof such as PAN, passport, Voter ID, and Aadhar Card.
  • Address proof documents like Passport, bank statements, utility bills, ration card, etc.

Once your KYC is completed through Kotak Securities where you can have a 3in1 account solution for trading which simply provides you with a savings bank account, and trading account along with a Demat account.

All this process can be done from the comforts of your home, and without any travel or paperwork to carry along in any financial institutes.

Free yourself from dealing with all physical certificates and facing delays with your transactions.

Opening An Demat Account Online Can Gives You Advantages Such As:

  • Transferring securities securely without any worry.
  • Keep your financial portfolio in place and manage them easily.
  • Buy or share as many as you want.
  • Stop worrying about electronic settlements, it’s just an old time issue.
  • More credibility as the chances of fake certificate and theft are null.
  • You can make more money, and forget about the transaction as it is low compared to olden days stock exchange fees.
  • If you want to hand over your Demat account to someone you trust, you can do that by authorizing an executing power of attorney and submit it to your DP. Then the other person can trade on your behalf.

Online Demat Account Opening Charges.

There are various charges depending upon the firm you are opting for, but most are important charges such as Opening Fees, Custodian Fees, Transaction charges and annual maintenance charges.

Most of the Demat fees are minor and won’t be troublesome for the investors. These are mostly service charges to provide you hassle-free service.

Kotak securities provide a free demat account along with numerous cost saving offers that can make your trading more profitable. You can check the eligible offers and open your Demat account online now.

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