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What is the Shortcut Key That Repeats the Last Task?

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In the world of computing, efficiency is key. One often overlooked but highly useful feature is the ability to repeat the last action or task with a simple shortcut key. This functionality, available in various software applications, streamlines workflow and enhances productivity. In this article, we will explore this shortcut key, its applications, and how it can save time and effort in daily computing tasks.

Understanding the Shortcut Key for Repeating the Last Task

The shortcut key that repeats the last action or task is commonly known as “Redo” or “Repeat”. However, its actual key combination can vary depending on the software or operating system you are using.

Common Key Combinations

Windows Key Combinations

  • F4 in Microsoft Office: Predominantly used for repeating the last action in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Ctrl + Y: Also serves as a ‘Redo’ function in many applications, effectively repeating the last undone action.
  • Alt + Enter in Excel: Repeats the last text entry in a new line within the same cell.

MacOS Key Combinations

  • Command + Y: Commonly used in Apple’s software suite, including Pages and Numbers, for repeating or redoing actions.
  • Shift + Command + T in Safari: Reopens the last closed tab, effectively repeating the last action of opening a webpage.
  • Option + Command + V in Finder: Moves a copied item to a new location, repeating the ‘move’ command across different files or folders.

Linux Key Combinations

  • Ctrl + Y: Often used in text editors and IDEs to redo or repeat the last action.
  • Ctrl + Shift + T in Terminal: Reopens the last closed tab, which can be seen as repeating the last action of opening a tab.
  • Ctrl + B in Emacs: Repeats the last buffer-related action, a common task in text editing and coding environments.

By understanding and utilizing these key combinations, users can significantly enhance their efficiency and workflow across various operating systems and applications.

Practical Applications

Office Software

In programs like Microsoft Word or Excel, repeating formatting changes or data entry tasks is a common use case. For instance, if you’ve just changed a text’s color, pressing F4 in Windows will apply the same color change to other selected text.

Graphic Design and Editing

Graphic designers using software like Adobe Photoshop can repeat transformations or adjustments to different layers or objects efficiently using this shortcut.

Coding and Development

For programmers, this shortcut can repeat code formatting or line duplications in many integrated development environments (IDEs).

Everyday Computing

Even in basic computing tasks, such as organizing files or folders, this shortcut can be a time-saver.

Best Practices and Limitations

When to Use

  • Repetitive Tasks: Ideal for actions such as copying formatting, duplicating text, or executing repetitive commands in software like Excel or text editors.
  • Formatting: Extremely useful for consistently applying visual styles, like font types, paragraph alignments, or color schemes across different sections of a document or design.
  • Data Entry: Facilitates rapid, uniform data input, especially in spreadsheet applications or forms where similar data patterns recur.
  • Batch Operations: In applications like Photoshop, repeating a series of actions across multiple files or layers can be a massive time-saver.


  • Context-Specific: The effectiveness of these shortcuts is highly dependent on the last action performed. If the last action isn’t the one intended for repetition, the shortcut can produce unintended results.
  • Application Dependent: The functionality of these shortcuts varies across different software. Some may offer advanced repeat functions, while others may have limited or no support.
  • Scope of Action: Some applications may limit the scope of repeatable actions, focusing more on simple tasks like text formatting rather than complex operations.

Tips for Efficiency

  • Learn Application Shortcuts: Invest time in learning the keyboard shortcuts unique to each application. This knowledge significantly speeds up workflow and enhances productivity.
  • Combine with Undo: Using the repeat function in conjunction with ‘Undo’ (Ctrl + Z or Command + Z) allows for quick experimentation with different actions, knowing you can easily revert changes.
  • Customization: In some applications, customize these shortcuts to suit your specific workflow, making them more intuitive and efficient for your use.
  • Regular Updates: Keep yourself updated with the latest versions of your applications, as new updates can sometimes modify existing shortcuts or introduce new ones.
  • Shortcut Reference Guides: Keep a reference guide or cheat sheet handy, especially when working with complex applications like Adobe Creative Suite or Microsoft Office, where numerous shortcuts are available.

Incorporating these practices into your routine can drastically improve your efficiency and accuracy in performing various tasks across multiple applications.


The shortcut key for repeating the last task is a powerful tool for enhancing productivity and efficiency in a wide range of computing tasks. Whether you’re a professional or a casual user, incorporating this simple yet effective shortcut into your workflow can lead to significant time savings and improved task management.


Q: Can this shortcut repeat multiple past actions?

A: No, it typically only repeats the very last action.

Q: Is this feature available in all software?

A: Availability varies. Most modern office and design software include it, but it’s not universal.

Q: Can I customize this shortcut?

A: In some applications, yes, but it often requires delving into the software’s custom settings or preferences.

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