How to Get User Generated Content Rights from Instagram

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    Instagram has approx. 27 million user base which makes it an amazingly popular social media platform among people. This social network helps individuals to share their experiences competently. 

    In the world of Instagram, several content creators generate diverse kinds of content for particular brands or products.

    This user-created content is super valuable to the brands. Marketers call it user-generated content as it is created by the real users of the brand.

    However being beneficial for the brand, the marketers cannot utilize UGC without the permission of content owners. As the users possess all the rights of the content they create.

    By acquiring appropriate users’ content rights from Instagram you are treating your community of creators fairly. Thus in this article, we will help you get a better understanding of user-generated content rights.

    So, let’s begin!

    Let’s First Understand What UGC Rights Are?

    User-generated content rights management is a go-to way for brands to rescue their image from facing any kind of content copyright issue. Many times brands use the content owners’ posts for their brand marketing without acquiring their content rights.

    Thus at that time, they come across limitless issues such as copyright infringement, security issues, content privacy, and many more.

    Thus UGC rights management is an authoritative process of seeking owners’ approval to legally approach and repurpose their content for their brand marketing. This is simply done by acquiring their permission for accessing their posts and repurposing them.

    Importance of Instagram UGC for Brand Marketing

    Instagram helps in creating a great user engagement which can help your brand to obtain better results. Instagram user-generated content helps to build trust among the consumers by showing testimonials and reviews from your real customers.

    Also, if they find your product useful, they will share it with their friends and family which helps your brand to gain new followers.

    Posting Instagram user-generated content on your website or other social channels is a proven way to get more likes and comments.

    Give credit to the original content creator so they will value your brand more and it will help to promote your account.

    Steps to Get User-Generated Content Rights

    There are various UGC rights tools available to help you obtain permission from the content owner and repurpose the UGC in your brand marketing. Taggbox UGC Rights Management is one such tool.

    Thus, there are a few of the simple and easy steps from Taggbox rights management to acquire UGC rights from Instagram.

    Step1- Log-in to your Taggbox Rights Management account, or create your account if you do not have one.

    Step 2- After login, a dashboard will be visible to you. In the upper right corner of the dashboard click on ‘+Create UGC Wall”

    Step 3- The next step is to enter your user-generated content wall name and a unique URL for the same. You can now click on the “Create UGC Wall’.

    Step 4- Pick up ‘Instagram’ as a source platform.

    Step 5- With the use of mentions (@), hashtags (#), handles, and tagged posts, you can curate the valuable feed. Click on the ‘create feed’ after entering the desired source.

    Step 6- It will ask you for the log-in credentials for Instagram and sign in. The connection will be created after signing in and within a short time, user-generated posts will appear on the ‘UGC Editor’.

    Step 7- Now you are required to pick up the post on which you wish to have the user’s permission. After that click on ‘Generate Request’ at the bottom of the post.

    Step 8- A new pop-up box will appear. You have the option to choose from the given templates or customize your message which seeks permission from the original content creator to reuse the content.

    Step 9- You also have the option to upload your brand logo to build trust among the content creators. It has chances to increase your approval rates.

    Step 10- The next step is to upload your terms and conditions file. Or you can use the predefined format of terms and conditions given by Taggbox Rights Management.

    Step 11- You can now click on the checkbox and finally click on the ‘Generate Request’ button.

    Step 12- The user-generated message request link has been copied to your clipboard. You can now click on the ‘Finish’ button. Thus after that, you will be redirected to the original post of the users on Instagram.

    Step 13- In the comment section, paste the link of the UGC request message and post it. By using the link, the content user can now grant you content rights to repurpose the post.

    Step 14- If the request is approved by the content creator then it will automatically get into the approved feed section. 

    Step 15- Now it’s time to download the user-generated content post and to use the content for successful brand marketing campaigns.

    Summing It Up

    If the Instagram user-generated content is used legally and accurately then it can do wonders to your brand. However, you should have proper knowledge of obtaining permission from the owners to protect your brand. 

    Instagram user-generated content is a new marketing tool to achieve business goals. UGC will not only boost your brand authenticity but as well drive more marketing efficiency. Thus, make UGC part of your brand marketing and obtain better results.

    Nicole is a passionate writer who loves to write about trends related to social media marketing, content marketing and digital marketing. She loves helping brands to harness the power of UGC rights management tools in actionable ways to tell more authentic and relevant stories to the world.
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