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10 Instagram Post Ideas for a Creative and Engaging Feed

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If you’re on Instagram, it won’t take you long to notice the sheer variety of posts that can be found on the platform. There are endless kinds and someone is always coming up with something new every day. It’s not always easy to think of new and unique Instagram post ideas.

There’s also the risk that your followers might not enjoy what you post, which might deter some people from trying to find something new.

However, the fact remains that unless you innovate and keep up with the times, your page will plateau and you’ll eventually lose followers. 

You may ask: what are some good ideas to post on Instagram?

The virtual-sharing platform is a dog-eat-dog world. There’s always someone who wants your spot. To stay relevant, you have to keep posting fresh new stuff to keep your followers engaged while putting your brand or trademark on them. That is, of course, on top of running paid IG ads. Worry not if you feel like you’re running out of content style.

Here are some of the best Instagram post ideas to inspire you for your next posts.


Tutorials are all the rage right now, especially with the focus on valuable and useful content. You see, people not only want anything that entertains them. They also want something useful and applicable to their everyday lives. This is why tutorials are becoming more popular when it comes to Instagram — it’s never too late to jump on the bandwagon. 

You can customize your tutorial by using your product and demonstrating how it’s used. You may also make a tutorial about a creative project. The possibilities are endless. 


Speaking of trends, it’s also a good idea to capitalize on what’s currently trending, if only to keep yourself relevant. For example, think of the most trending ‘challenges in the past years — ice bucket challenge, planking, bottle cap challenge. These are all ‘fun’ little posts that you can adapt to while keeping yourself relevant. Also, when you’re doubting, “what should I post for my first Instagram account,” you can never go wrong with trends.


There’s nothing like hearing your audience’s feedback and opinions. Luckily, Instagram provides that feature now. You can ask questions from your followers through your IG stories. People like it when they feel seen and valued so make sure to answer some of them if not all. You could also do it the other way — ask a question directed at your followers and then feature the most interesting answers that you receive.


Polls are another good option to boost audience engagement. It’s also much easier to participate in the Q&A format, so you’ll expect more interactions. It can be as easy as asking your followers to choose between options A or B. You can also give a simple quiz that immediately shows the right answer. Polls are a fun, quirky way to keep you and your page relevant and engaging. 

Photo Collages

Maybe you’re wondering: how do you post creatively on Instagram? If you like a particular post, you can make it big. And you can do this by making a photo collage. A photo collage is where you divide a photo into several different posts and upload them systematically, so that the result is a big photo when users view your page. It can also serve as a teaser when you have a big announcement or if you want to highlight a particular product. 


Interviews are a good idea if you have a charismatic personality in your company or you have a personal brand you need to focus on. Today, the name of the game is authenticity and originality. People like the idea of knowing the people behind the accounts they follow. Perhaps you have an endorser for your product — they’d also be a good option for an interview. With Insta’s IGTV option, you can make longer videos so you don’t compromise quality. 

Before and After

There’s nothing as satisfying as a before and after pic, especially if the result is miles better than the previous incarnation. Anything can be the subject of a before and after challenge. For example, you can post about your before and after pics regarding your style journey. You can even use a before and after pic for a rebranding campaign.


One common criticism for many Instagram pages is that they look too perfect. And that may be one valid criticism. After all, who wants to see your mistakes? But posting only perfect content all the time will make your page feel cold and impersonal. 

As mentioned, people respond to authenticity and openness. Don’t be afraid to show them your mistakes. If you need help or ideas, you can also post about them. Don’t be afraid of being imperfect. 

Behind the Scenes

While we’re on the topic of being authentic, people love nothing more than seeing what goes on behind the scenes. If you can, show your followers what goes on in creating your product. This type of content will entice your customers and help them trust your product. Again, there’s nothing wrong with imperfections. And being raw on social media is perfectly fine.  

Quotes and Thoughts

Another good idea you can use to humanize your account and your brand is to post your thoughts or “quotes.” They can be random or well-thought-out. You can also use quotes from your favorite books, authors, or inspirational people. One thing to remember, though, is to do it sparingly. People might get turned off if it ends up feeling more like a one-way conversation with you all the time.

Summary & Takeaways

Are you still asking yourself, “what content should I post on Instagram?” You may feel like you’re getting writer’s block when thinking about posts on Instagram. Don’t fret; everyone experiences that one time or another. 

The important thing is to keep your mind constantly open for inspiration. And if you ever need any personal Instagram post ideas, the things listed above are amazing to use. Sometimes, all you need to jump-start an idea is to get inspired. Don’t be afraid to take risks. At this point, the sky is your limit.

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