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Google started rolling out March 2022 Product Reviews Update

Product Reviews Update

Google has begun rolling out the third version of the algorithm associated with ranking product reviews. The March 2022 Product Reviews Update will take several weeks to roll out.

Google is learning to better understand the quality of reviews and is gradually increasing the requirements for product descriptions. 

The basic guidelines for writing helpful reviews have generally remained the same:

  • Include useful detailed information in the review (advantages or disadvantages of a certain element of the product, features of operation, or differences between the product and previous versions).
  • Involve people who have actually used the product in the reviews, show how the product physically looks or how it is used.
  • Add unique information (in addition to information from the manufacturer). These can be unique images, audio, or links to other content detailing the experience of using the product.
  • Tell about comparable products or explain what makes the product different from competitors’ products.

More information about them can be found in the Google documentation.

Recall that the first update of the Product Reviews Update ranking algorithm for product reviews was launched in April 2021. In December 2021, a second similar update will be rolled out.

Source: Google Blog

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