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Google added a new feature in search: what has changed

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The innovation will expand the boundaries of Google’s use.

Google has decided to add “infinite” scrolling to its search engine, thanks to which the user will see up to six pages of the issue without clicking on the links to each of them.

According to statistics, PC users rarely use the second and subsequent pages in the search. By default, the search start screen has a link to ten pages, but rarely anyone “reaches” them. In total, the issue can show up to 100 search results on one page.

The new feature assumes that when users scroll to the end of the page, the search engine will constantly update and show them new results, eliminating the need to click the “Next” button.

These changes are already in effect in the US for English as of Monday, December 5th. As is often the case with the introduction of new features, this novelty has not yet appeared for all users.

Thanks to the new approach, users will be able to see more content and products. Such scrolling has long been implemented by various social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.

Source: Google (Twitter)

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