Difference between java and javascript

    java and javascript

    Today we will teach you “What is Java and JavaScript and what is the difference between them?

    What is Java?

    Java is an Object Orientated Programming language, developed by C++. It is used to make applications and software. It is a high level programming language. It is a platform independent language, because the code written in it can be run on any platform or operating system. All its codes are in English and no numeric code is used in it. The code written in it can be understood very easily, so it has been included in the high level programming language.

    What is JavaScript?

    JavaScript is a powerful scripting language that can be used to make a web page more interactive by adding it with HTML. It is also developed by C++ language. JavaScript is simply a light-weighted scripting language, whose code is written with HTML. JavaScript is also called a client side scripting language, as it runs on the user’s browser.

    Whenever the client means that the user sends a request for any webpage to the server, So the server sends it to the HTML of that page as well as JavaScript code to the browser, after that the browser has the responsibility that the code of the JavaScript Execute if needed.

    Difference between Java and Javascript?

    1. Java is an Object Orientated Programming language while JavaScript is a powerful scripting language, used with HTML code.

    2. Java Script is an interpreted programming language while Java is a compiled programming language.

    3. JavaScript is also called OOP scripting language while Java is called OOP programming language.

    4. JavaScript code cannot be written completely independently because it is written with HTML code whereas completely independent code can be written in Java.

    5. JavaScript is run only on the browser while Java run on both browser and JVM.

    6. JavaScript code is easier than Java.

    7. JavaScript can be run on the browser without compile while Java has to be compiled.

    8. JavaScript supports more platforms than Java.

    9. Objects of Java are always based on class, whereas objects of JavaScript are based on prototypes.

    10. The most important difference is that Java is a static type language while JavaScript is a dynamic type language.

    11. Dynamic webpages are created by using JavaScript with HTML while Java is used to create stand-alone and live applications using applets.

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