Youtube SEO: Tips For A Good Ranking On Google And Youtube

Google rewards SEO-optimized content with better visibility. This is why many people think of SEO and text content when they first use SEO. But Youtube SEO is also becoming increasingly important.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google and continues to gain ground. You can do a lot to ensure that your video content spreads quickly on YouTube and is used more often.

Video SEO on YouTube: How to optimize your video content for search engines

The following criteria have an impact on the ranking and, in contrast to the factors user interaction, video views, embedding, number of comments, and rating, can be influenced directly by you!

Main keyword ranking factor

First, think of the main keyword, i.e. the most suitable search term that users would enter in connection with your video. This main keyword should be contained in all descriptive fields (i.e. in the title, subtitle, in the description, etc.)

Video file name ranking factor

Before the upload, assign a file name that consists of two to three appropriate keywords (“erklaervideo_rasenmaeher” instead of “video_version_final”)

Video title

Use a title that contains the relevant keywords. If possible, place the main keyword at the beginning of the video title. The video title should describe the content of the video crisp and to the point. To do this, use the maximum possible character length (approx. 60 characters).

Video description

Describe in about 150-200 characters what your video is about. The more text information and content YouTube can evaluate about your video, the better and more reliable the platform can make the video

Assign search terms. Use the video description to guide users to your website via links. Of course, don’t forget the main keyword here.

Tag ranking factor

Even if so-called tags – keywords – have little weight for the ranking of your video, use them to underline the thematic focus of the video. In the Tags area, set all subject-relevant keywords (including those already used in the title and video description).

Preview image (thumbnail)

Choose an appealing, interesting preview image for your YouTube video. One that makes users curious and encourages them to look at them. You can either use an image from the video or – sometimes even better – create a separate image and upload it to YouTube.


If subtitles are activated for the video, the spoken text is displayed below the video in text form. This function primarily serves accessibility – e.g. B. for hearing impaired users. Another advantage of subtitles is that they can be read out by search engines.

The subtitles can thus be evaluated by the algorithm and relevance to search queries can be established. YouTube automatically generates subtitles for every video, but these are very prone to errors and should always be checked manually!

Video SEO Checklist: How to Find Your YouTube Video!

Once you’ve uploaded your video to YouTube and tagged everything as above, play Google and put your meta details through their paces. Answer these questions:  

  1. Does the title fit the picture?
  2. Has the content been truthfully and accurately reproduced in the title?
  3. Most important information about the YouTube video can be found in the first and second sentences of the description?
  4. Relevant keywords were set?
  5. The SEO texts are concise and easy to understand?
  6. Links have been integrated?
  7. The preview image is appealing and has a clear reference to the content?
  8. Does Thumbnail have a high recognition value?
  9. The subtitle was created manually or at least checked?


What is video SEO?

Video SEO is nothing more than the tagging of YouTube videos. That means: YouTube videos, like texts, have to follow certain SEO rules in order to assert themselves against others in the ranking.

Uploading the video to YouTube is not enough. Because YouTube only wants to show its users the videos that really interest them. That is why the video platform evaluates various parameters in order to be able to assess the relevance of a video for search queries.

So if you have a YouTube video about your business have it produced, take your time for SEO optimization. Enrich your video with relevant keywords, precise descriptions, and meaningful subtitles.

So it becomes more relevant for YouTube or Google, that is: it appears higher up in the search results for search results. If you have also put your company in the limelight, maybe one or two customers will ring the doorbell more soon.

The fact is: Video marketing works and is well received by customers: More than 6 billion hours of video material are watched on YouTube alone per month, these are forward-looking figures. And it gets even better. According to current statistics on video usage, 65% of all users also visit the associated company website after viewing a video.

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