How to Write a Feature Article in Three Easy Steps

August 22, 2016 by OurNetHelps

Writing a feature article is an ambition that few content producers can put on their list of achievements. Feature articles are one of the easiest to compose in the types of technical write-ups. The format of a feature article is similar to reporting: you give information while entertaining the people.

It’s similar to how you tell a friend about this amazing gadget, or incredible person or to a wonderful place. You just need to keep some factors in life to ensure a striking feature.

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Unfortunately, very few writers are able to achieve that feat. There are, however, a number of principles that seem to apply to nearly all the writers who are consistently writing a feature article. Here’s how they do it:

First, the topic. You’ll never write a feature article, for any publication unless it is highly targeted towards a unique or controversial subject in the field. For general publications, like newspapers or pop culture magazine, you need to keep your topic to a very universal and simple topic.

If you’re writing a feature article for a professional publication, like a medical journal, you would want to focus on new approaches to a well-known practice or a new perspective on a controversial problem.

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Secondly, consider the title. You need to have a gripping and thought-provoking title when you’re writing a feature article, or else it will never get put on the front page. You need to create a title that clearly describes the subject matter, but doesn’t give await the opinion of the writer or the details of the article. This surprise factor gives you the added ammunition that you need to prove that you deserve to be writing a feature article for whatever publication you write for.

Finally, you need to have an engaging writing style. Dry and boring writers are not out there writing a feature article, however, the powerful, commanding authors, whose opinions are original and slightly controversial are doing it every day. Add a little humor, appropriate to the subject matter, and live it up with some interviews with controversial experts or celebrities. Writing a feature article isn’t easy, but you can do it with a little bit of extra effort.

Following these steps is the first step to learning how to consistently find yourself writing a feature article. The best part is, with just a little practice, you’ll find yourself writing a feature article every time. After all, magazines and newspapers, and especially online publications, they want repeat feature authors. This builds repeat visitors and generates reader loyalty.

Thus, if you write even a single popular article that makes the front page, you can count on consistently writing a feature article every week, and with these tips, it should be pretty easy.

The above tips are the techniques that most feature article writers use to motivate themselves furthermore into writing. These are what they use in writing a feature article that is most favored by the readers. Make these your tools for motivation too so you can be as good as those writers who made their names in the world of feature write-ups.

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