The Reasons Why We Love Guest Blogging

  • Do you own a blog?
  • Do you own a website?
  • Do you work in any of these fields?

If yes, you must know about Search engine optimization. It is one of the most important steps that are necessary to rank your website higher in search engines and grow traffic. The root of better SEO is quality backlinks. A backlink is something that you get once you add your URL to any other domain. The higher number and quality backlinks accelerate the positive image of a domain in eyes of search crawlers. There are various methods of creating backlinks to your website but the oldest and most effective way is to guest blog.

Guest blogging is proven as one of the oldest methods to create quality backlinks to your website. If we focus on this word ‘guest blogging’, it means to write fresh articles for another blog. Every blog demands fresh and quality content when you pitch them for guest blogging. The number of platforms is available for this purpose, some of them have a good domain authority and others have moderate. Either way, they do the response to your request. But, what is the reason we promote and love guest blogging?

  1. Firstly, if we talk about you guest blogging for another domain, it will mean that you can include a link or more to your own domain through the article or author bio. Now, who doesn’t love backlinks?
  2. Guest blogging is the most authentic way to gain long-term backlinks to your domain. The articles you post remain at their place for a very long time. There is hardly a blog that deletes its blog post, ever.
  3. Also, whenever someone posts something on their domain, it is natural that they share it on their own social media handles. Hence, the link embedded in the article reaches to more people. So, you get a sweet amount of traffic from their website and social media platforms.
  4. Now, if you allow guest posting on your domain, you benefit a lot from that. Yes, you do give a backlink or more to another domain but it is definite that they are going to share the blog post on their social media handles. So when they share the article that they have written on your blog, they are actually sharing a URL with your domain. So naturally, you will get traffic. And traffic is a serious need for every domain.
  5. Interaction is a big part of guest blogging. You get to know different people who work in different domains. This eventually helps you to grow in the industry. You may or may not benefit each other but a positive exchange of information between to domains will bear fruit in future.
  6. Writing for other domains and leaving backlinks there is the simplest way of expanding your domain name. Being exposed on more and more platforms which is the eventual wish of every domain owner, is fulfilled. You build your online influence.
  7. If you are an e-commerce website owner, you bring potential customers through guest blogging. Isn’t this great?

There is no doubt that there are incomparable means to create quality backlinks. They can be paid or unpaid, in other words, your traffic can be organic or paid. But, other methods do not guarantee the long life of your backlink like guest blogging does. Hence, we love guest blogging.

Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma
I am Priyanka, currently dedicating myself entirely to writing for In my role as a writer, I am committed to producing content of exceptional quality and collaborate closely with the ONH Team to ensure the delivery of outstanding material. Outside of work, my hobbies include creating humorous videos for my Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook channels.

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