Why should you use a 3D wax printer for printing jewelry?

Conventional jewelry making is a time-consuming process; though it encompasses a lot of details and craftsmanship, still a lot of goldsmiths and jewelers are in search of faster, easier, and less costly ways. The 3D wax printer has made this possible! In traditional methods, the wax pattern is made after a minimum of three processes, whereas by using modern technology, now the 3D printed wax patterns are created in one go with extreme accuracy. With such ample advantages, the 3D jewelry segment is predicted to be worth up to $6 billion by 2027.

Already thinking about switching over to this convenient process? Then read till the end, as we will tell you how a 3D Wax Printer works and why you should use a 3D wax printer for jewelry printing.

Let’s have a look at the mechanism of this technology before we dive into its multiple advantages.

How does a 3D Wax printer work?

The 3D lost-wax casting technique is used in 3D printers to create a mold out of the 3D file. This production process is basically able to produce high-quality with complex designs.

  • Using 3D Modeling, you can create prototypes that the 3D Printer can print as the desired wax pattern.
  • In the next step, you add a refractory material to obtain the mold.
  • After that, the wax material is melted and poured off to produce empty space, which is then filled with molten metal.
  • The last step is to break the mold to achieve the final model as the metal hardens and cools down.
  • Finally, you can now sand it to remove the sprues, and then further, you can sandblast or polish it, and then add the stones to create beautiful3D print jewelry.

Why should you use a 3D wax printer for printing jewelry?

Let’s now look at why to use wax jewelry 3D Printer and the features of this additive manufacturing technology.

Limitless designs

The 3D printing technology uses 3D Modeling to make the jewelry design, and thanks to CAD, you can create all the designs you can dream of, layer by layer.

The conventional procedures are unable to design complex geometries and tiny details at a small-scale, such as rings. However, with the modern machines having 3D design software, you can design ten times deeper micro-scale details and unlimited abstract ideas for jewelry molds with interlocking options as well.

Moldless manufacturing

The metallic molds are time-taking and hefty too. They require a high lead time and need touch-ups. However, jewelry molds made with 3D wax materials are quite efficient and cost-effective. The wax patterns are hard enough for lost-wax casting and have short lead times, altering the duration to market by ⅔.

High precision

You might doubt how many details a 3D printer for Jewelry can encompass in a model.

But worry not!

Because the new Industrial technology printhead can easily print a thickness as small as 25µm whereas a hair strand is 100µm, in fact, the best 3D Printer for Wax molds has a 16µm grade control, this means that the intricate details and creativity are fully present with fewer efforts than the traditional craftsmanship. 


The 3D wax printing jewelry business can establish rapidly as it is infinitely quicker compared to carving by hand. The traditional method takes long hours or days to carve the model painstakingly, whereas 3D printing takes just a couple of hours to bring out the perfect carved model.

Not only this, even if you need any slight changes for the next one, you don’t need to start over again; just edit the file in 3D printing jewelry software and print out another exquisite piece of jewelry.


One major benefit of using the wax based 3D printer is personalization, according to the customer’s needs!

As the original model is saved in the CAD software, you can easily edit it according to the customer’s specific demands with few changes.

In addition to that, you can show them the initial design as well to make any further modifications.

Mass production

With the Wax Printer, you don’t need to worry about any bulk orders as these printers can create dozens of wax patterns in just one run, depending on the model.

In fact, the Professional 3D wax model Printer can print an output of 350 ring-sized prototypes in a single day and 10kg by one device in just a month!


A 3D Wax Printer utilizes very less material. Although the Wax material to print models might be quite pricey; however, one batch can produce ample mileage, thus cutting costs.

Furthermore, the Industrial 3D printers have the advantage of dewaxing & pouring together, which saves the process switching costs. It can also reduce comprehensive expenses by up to 30%.

Quick prototypes

Last but not the least, The Wax 3D printer can generate quick prototypes for the customers; you can fit the stones in the model to attain customer satisfaction and find a perfect match before casting it out. Also, the customers can try it to get a truer idea of the accessory rather than figuring it out through the 2D image.

Final words

3D Wax printers have abundant advantages over the conventional jewelry making methods. It is an ideal technology to kickstart your jewelry business. Not only is it time-saving but also cost-effective, helping you to bring your intricate geometric jewelry patterns into reality.

The traditional days are gone, and this technology is taking over, bringing the diversity of designs with high quality in less time.


Can I reuse the wax in investment casting?

Yes, when the layers are formed and are dried up during the investment casting, the wax is melted using steam at high temperature & it is poured down in the autoclave. This molten wax is re-set in the risers & the gate of the 3D wax printer, and can be re-used to make molds.

Can I use a 3D wax Printer for making gold jewelry?

Yes, you can utilize a 3D wax printer which can create gold jewelry by using lost-waxing method, where the liquid melted Gold is poured into the wax mold, and left to settle into the beautiful jewelry piece you want to create.

What is the dimensional accuracy of 3D wax printers?

The dimensional accuracy of the professional 3D wax printer is usually around±0.05mm, which makes it a highly precise and jewelry-optimized machine that every professional should consider!

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