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Why Everyone Should Know About Plantar Fasciitis?

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Plantar fasciitis is a condition that can happen to anyone regardless of age and sex. From an athlete to a runner, sports person to normal people, who is on their feet could face the plantar fasciitis problem. This is a very common condition that can be faced by anyone.

Cause of Plantar Fasciitis

It is a kind of painful condition that can be caused by inflammation of the bands of tissues that have been connected toes to the heels. Several factors can develop this condition such as for overweight. Do you know this condition has been found more often in women than that of men? Other factors such as age, overweight, who have to stay on their feet for longer, having an unusual walk or a typical foot position can develop plantar fasciitis. If you are also the one who is suffering from this problem then plantar fasciitis socks are an ideal option for you. It offers compression to your feet that helps one in relieving pain and reduces soreness.

Sign and symptoms of plantar fasciitis

The most predominant symptom that a patient will experience is pain at the bottom of their feet. Some people experience that pain when they wake up in the morning and keep their first feet on the floor. One can also experience pain when a person stands after having sat for a long time. If you are also the one who is experiencing pain at the bottom, center, or front of the heel bone then it might be plantar fasciitis. A physician can typically tell the reason behind the pain by just checking the areas where you are experiencing the pain. But in the case of plantar fasciitis, he/she can tell just by checking the location or area of the foot where one is experiencing the pain. In rare cases, to tell the exact reason behind the pain, the doctor will tell you to have an X-ray or MRI so that the root cause behind the pain can be detected.

Diagnosis of plantar fasciitis

To diagnose it, doctors start with the health history and physical examination. First of all, the doctor will ask the location of the pain from the doctor. The doctor might ask you several questions like in which area you are experiencing more pain and less pain, is the pain increases or decreases depending on time or situation, is it worse in the morning or get worst as you stand for a longer duration of time, after getting the answer of all these questions, the doctor will let you know the reason behind the pain. He/she will tell you whether the reason behind the pain is plantar fasciitis or something else.

Is there any connection between plantar fasciitis and shoes?

Yes, shoes play a large role when it comes to developing conditions such as plantar fasciitis. Those people who have flat feet need shoes that can provide more support to them when compared to other people. Those people who wear shoes with thin soles and who wear worn-out shoes do not get enough support and this can develop the condition of plantar fasciitis. Apart from that people who wear high heels can also develop this condition soon. This is how shoes play an important role when it comes to the plantar fasciitis and with the help of these plantar fasciitis socks, an individual can get enough support to their feet. When the doctor says that you are suffering from the plantar fasciitis condition, make sure that you get enough rest else it might lead to further problems. Make sure you follow the advice as your doctor says.

How one can prevent this condition?

If you take proper preventive steps then you can prevent developing the plantar fasciitis like you should wear shoes that provide enough support to your feet. Take care of your feet by providing enough support to the arch with the help of the right shoes. By staying active, by maintaining a healthy weight and by doing exercises, an individual can get rid of the plantar fasciitis condition.

If you are already suffering from the condition then to save it from getting worst, wear plantar fasciitis socks. These socks will help you in treating the condition sooner and faster.

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