Important Reasons Why Every Woman Should Try CrossFit

August 18, 2017 by OurNetHelps

CrossFit is revolutionizing the fitness space for women and is open for women of all levels and abilities. It is really opening up the doors to show that weight training is not just for men or extreme female athletes, but can really benefit all women.

CrossFit combines weightlifting with some gymnastics moves to sculpt and boost body shape and far from creating a very muscular figure, it can improve and enhance female body shapes. Here are five top reasons why every woman should try CrossFit.

Of course, the best way to improve your body is to combine exercise with healthy eating and enriching your diet with proteins like hemp is a good way to boost your body if you are starting out on a new weight training regime.

1.  Learn To Weight Train Properly

With CrossFit, all women taking part are taught how to use proper form when lifting weights so there is little chance of error and injury. Most women will be used to using the cardio side of the gym, so in CrossFit, you get the chance to learn some new skills and new exercise routines that you won’t have considered before.

2. Lots Of Exercise Variety

With CrossFit, there are lots and lots of variety so if you get bored with exercise then you have to try this out. With routines including weightlifting, running and gymnastics, you will be trying new things each time, and experiencing continuous fun challenges as you move from goal to goal as part of your training program.

3. It Will Improve everyday Life

Once you have been doing CrossFit for a few months you will notice a real difference in things you maybe struggled with every day, like lifting heavy shopping, or running upstairs. You will find it much easier to do all of these activities. CrossFit helps you to improve and maintain good mobility which helps you as you get older and helps to keep you independent for longer.

4. You Will See Results

CrossFit isn’t about measuring how many pounds you have lost but you will see measurable differences in your body and tone and shape. You will start to gain in strength and in turn, this improvement in how you look will boost your confidence and self-esteem as a strong body helps boost a positive mind set. You won’t get bulky but you will see your body changing shape and improving as you continue with the program.

5. You Will Make New Friends

CrossFit is a group workout so you will meet new friends and gym buddies and have people to motivate you and help to keep you going on the days when you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. No more days of dragging yourself to a boring treadmill workout in the gym. CrossFit is interactive, fun and engaging and it really does get the results you are looking for.

CrossFit might be more costly than a regular gym membership, but it will be cheaper than a personal trainer but just as effective. If you are paying to go to the gym but all you do is spend an hour on a treadmill then you are really missing out on the key benefits that an hour of exercise could actually give your body.

Each CrossFit session is an hour but contains much more variety of movement, exercise and challenge, not to mention stretching you to try exercises you have never done before, and all in the company of similarly motivated people in your CrossFit group. Each CrossFit session includes a warm-up, followed by some work on strength and skills and then you have what’s known as a WOD or Workout of the Day. These WODs mix up cardio and strength together to give you a really good workout for the whole body.

You will achieve more for your body in a ten-minute WOD than you would by spending 45 minutes on a treadmill so it’s a really effective way to work on the whole body, creating strength and fitness at your very core.

Every woman should try CrossFit at least once, as a really great alternative to boring gym routines or regular aerobics classes. Mix it up, have fun with friends and get motivated by really great results which you can see and feel.

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