Why Did you Leave Your Previous Job (Interview Question)

The question “Why did you leave your previous job?” will not sound only if you have not worked a single day in your life. A potential employer will always want to know why you quit or were fired. In order to fully describe this or that situation for you, it will most likely take a lot of time, and it will hardly be interesting.

We offer you a list of the most common reasons for changing jobs and options for a polite and appropriate response that is appropriate for your situation.

Do you want to earn more

This is a completely natural reason, in which there is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, who doesn’t want to earn more? Here’s how to bring it up:

“The previous job, unfortunately, did not provide opportunities for the growth that I needed.” Or

“At my previous job, I learned everything and got everything that was possible. Now I’m ready for something new.”

Do you want a raise

Career growth is a good reason to change jobs. In fact, even a direct answer fits in this case. But if you still want a more detailed version, here is an example:

“I would like to get a job in a company with great opportunities. After I learned more about your company, I think this is the right place for me.”

Did you have a bad relationship with your superiors?

You may not have gotten along well with your boss or co-workers, but don’t speak ill of them to a potential employer. As well as about the company as a whole. First, it often sounds unconvincing. Sarcasm won’t help you either. If you talk badly about former bosses and employees, you yourself will not appear in a favorable light and risk not getting a job. Here’s what to say:

“The direction of the work of the head and the company as a whole does not coincide with my goals, so our paths diverged” or

“Usually I get along very well with people and management. But this time there was an exception. We just didn’t get along, this apparently happens. I don’t even know what the matter is, but we parted positively.”

The job did not suit you

Anything can happen in life, and it is quite natural that you left your previous job because you simply did not like it. Giving yourself to a job you hate every day is not an easy task. Besides, you can’t do that kind of work well. What to say:

“At my previous place of work, I have reached the maximum level of career and professional growth. And I am grateful to my previous employer for the experience and the opportunities that I received. In your organization, I see new career prospects for myself, and opportunities for my further professional development.

No need to focus on your past job for a long time. But even stories from the past should show your merits and achievements. Any interview is a ton of questions, and if you prepare, they will not come as a surprise to you.

Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma
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