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Why ASP.Net Core MVC is a Popular Choice to Build Modern Applications

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The usability of Microsoft Frameworks is extensive in the web development sector, empowering the latest robust technologies; they are one of the most popular choices for development. ASP.Net core MVC, one of the is lightweight, testable and built implementing top ASP.Net features. Positioned on the higher edge of the MS web stack, it makes the coding environment much simpler and caters advance solutions to modern market development needs. Upping the ante, Microsoft has refurbished it ASP.NET MVC framework and emerged as a new and modern identity as ASP.NET Core MVC with enhanced features. This new framework provides greater flexibility and enables enterprises to offer superior advantages with high-end modern ASP.Net application development. Some popular key features are given here that can be appropriate reasons for choosing it in building modern applications-

1. MVC-Based Pattern

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern divides a web application into three main groups of components: Models, Views, and Controllers. This pattern in ASP.Net Core framework helps in attaining separation of web development concerns. Through this pattern, you can retreat user requests to a Controller which is responsible for tasking with the Model and perform user actions or recover the results of queries. So, this delineation of MVC-pattern is responsible for the scaling the application in the terms of intricacy.

2. Open Source Platform

Because it is an open source platform it gives you the flexibility to maintain modularity across the ASP.Net development services. Further, it simplifies the coding and makes enable to integrate .NET Core libraries and framework components for app deployment. Also, you can leverage the benefits of NuGet package manager to control the runtime process. So, it could be a better choice for the prospective web application.

3. Cross-Platform Ability

ASP.NET Core MVC has an ability to run across the window platforms (Linux, Mac etc). The web developing tools and Visual Studio code that allows building the web applications in Linux and Mac operating system. Now, the dot net developers are leveraging these platform’s independency features for manufacturing an application that can be performed on multiple platforms.

4. Hosting Independency

While talking about ASP.Net application development we consider IIS (Internet Information Service) as the default web server to execute the web application. But at the present time, Asp.Net Core MVC is providing platform independence environment to the developers that support many other web services. In these terms, it specifies OWIN (Open Web Interface for .NET) development so that the web applications would no longer dependent only on IIS and now you are able to host the applications under any web server.

5. Novel Tag helpers

This is a newly integrated feature in ASP.Net Core MVC platform. The Tag Helpers produces a capability your server-side code to contribute to building and rendering HTML elements in Razor files. A developer can utilize them in describing custom tags and modifying them as per the behaviors. In addition, it can be used to replace HTML helping system. Besides, Visual Studio and IDE with Tag helpers facilitate in creating of HTML components in the easy method.

6. Improved Cloud Deployment

Due to the modular architecture of ASP.Net MVC, cloud deployment is improved and furthermore, a flexible system and extended modularity come on this framework that allows you to create an application which can be performed on the cloud.

7. JSON and Unit Testing

In ASP.Net MVC improvement, the framework supports JSON based configuration source. Therefore, you are able to manage data with several contributors like command line parameter, Azure key vault, and environment variables. What’s more in this framework, xUnit.Net is deployed for unit testing in the place of Visual Studio; besides, using DI and interfaces you can come to an appropriate unit-testing.

8. Web APIs

It integrates a great support of web APIs for developing web applications. Building web application through utilizing various APIs you can get a wide range of services on different browsers and mobile devices. In addition, this framework supports for HTTP content negotiation with JSON and XML.

Some Improvements on ASP.Net Core Platforms

Given new improvement could be beneficial for ASP.Net developers so they can get more flexibility and approach to gain competitive advantages. Have a glance at the major improvements-

• In ASP.Net Core a command line interface is available to manage everything.
• Runs on IIS or can be self-hosted in your own process at any server.
• Incorporated shore up for creating and utilizing NuGet packages.
• It includes abstract interfaces and implementation classes that explain MVC applications.
• In the latest version, ASP.Net MVC Core includes IApplicationModelProvider interface that works as the covering of some internal implementation information.
• Built-in filters allow you to perform the code before or after certain steps in the processing pipeline. You can build custom filters that control the various application concerns.


Due to its myriad benefits over various versions, Asp.Net Core MVC is enhancing the user experience while making the coding process easy. Further, the inbuilt features of rich-community support developers to build enterprise, e-commerce, and others business web portals. So, ASP.Net Core MVC is the first choice when it comes to designing top-notch modern web applications and web services.

Rahul Mathur is the President and Founder of the ARKA Softwares, a leading global IT solutions, consulting firm and Top Mobile App Development Company. He had several global leadership positions since establishment of ARKA Softwares in 2010, He is also a passionate writer. Today ARKA Software is leading with 250+ happy customers having 50+ employees in a global market.

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