Who Do You Contact If You Have Questions About Repayment Plans?

Navigating the complexities of repayment plans can be challenging. Whether you’re dealing with student loans, mortgages, or any other types of loans, understanding who to contact for assistance is crucial. This article will guide you through the process of identifying the right contacts for your repayment plan queries.

Understanding Your Loan Servicer

For most loan types, especially federal student loans, your primary point of contact should be your loan servicer. This is the entity responsible for managing your loan, including billing and other services.

Identifying Your Loan Servicer:

  • For federal student loans, borrowers typically receive information about their payment amount and due date from their federal loan servicer.
  • You can find out who services your loan by checking your loan dashboard, which is often accessible through the loan provider’s website, such as StudentAid.gov for federal student loans​​.

Contacting Your Loan Servicer:

  • Reach out to your loan servicer if you have questions about your repayment plan, loan balance, or if you’re facing difficulties in making payments.
  • Your servicer can provide information on various repayment options like Standard, Graduated, and Extended Repayment Plans for student loans​​.
  • They can also guide you about options like deferment or forbearance, and income-driven repayment (IDR) plans if you’re struggling with loan payments​​.

Office of Federal Student Aid at the United States Department of Education

If your queries are related to federal student loans, another vital resource is the Office of Federal Student Aid at the United States Department of Education.

Contact for General Inquiries:

  • They can assist with questions about applying for aid, the FAFSA form, loan repayment, and more.
  • Their website lists various contact centers specifically designed to help with repayment queries​​.

Additional Considerations

Stay Informed:

  • Loan servicers and the Department of Education often update their policies and offer new programs. For instance, updates related to loan forgiveness or payment pauses due to extraordinary circumstances like the COVID-19 pandemic are crucial to keep track of​​.

Prepare Your Questions:

  • Before contacting, it’s beneficial to prepare a list of questions or concerns you have. This ensures that you can get the most out of the interaction and don’t forget any critical points.


Dealing with loan repayments can be a daunting task, but knowing the right contacts can make the process smoother. Always start with your loan servicer and utilize the resources offered by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Federal Student Aid for federal loans. Staying informed and prepared will help you navigate through any repayment plan queries you may have.

Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma
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