Which is A Benefit of Advertising Online With Google Ads?

For an advertiser that is all about cashing the boost in the number of searches that take place daily on Google, this is without a doubt the answer to all your problems. Signing up for Google Ads is the best way to grow your bottom line and get all the attention you need!

Define Google Ads:

Google created an online advertising program that allows you to design ads that will specifically reach audiences that are interested in the services and products you have to offer. The platform runs on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, which means you have to pay each time a visitor clicks your ad.

Since there are many advertising mediums and methods around, it sometimes might be difficult to determine which one fits your business the best. Salespeople and influencers are always telling you to invest in this and that but they never truly explain why.

Here are a few benefits of advertising online with Google Ads

1. Brand Awareness for the Win

Google’s ads are by far the most versatile than any other medium out there. Mostly people just think of driving traffic through pay-per-click ads the minute they hear “Google Ads”. But Google acts as a great tool to also help in building brand awareness.

It’s all about how you build a brand name. This includes reinforcing your brands name, personality, reputation, etc. These are the few things that will help build a stronger and a more trusted connection with your visitors. They need to feel comfortable at all times! The more you focus on bringing these aspects to life, the stronger your brand name becomes and you reach the ultimate goal; the trust you have rightfully earned. And trust is what will get you places as you earn purchases and loyal customers.

2. Harnessing Intent

The intent is the only major difference between reaching an audience with Google Ads and people you’re reaching using other forms of advertising.

On social media, users do not look for advertisements and promotions to services or products that will act as the solution to all their problems. Instead, they hop online to get away from them by looking at cute baby photos and ideal vacations or family updates. Therefore, advertising to the audience that doesn’t want to be a part of it will most likely tune you out and waste your time and money.

However, on a search platform – you still aren’t advertising to people who don’t want to be advertised to, but you do hold the advantage that you can target the people who are in search of something specifically.

That’s why when your ad appears in their search results, it doesn’t get in the way of their online browsing experience, instead it helps them find the answer within their search.

3. Full Control of your Campaigns

There was a time were running an ad campaign that would reach as many as it can today – would have you jumping through constant hoops before you made any progress. From the start to the end, the time and resources you’d have to throw in to be able to see results felt like they would be of greater value if used elsewhere.

Whereas it runs pretty smooth nowadays with the simple help of a software called “programmatic advertising” – and one fully trained employee to start and stop the campaigns as you please. This method allows you to allocate your resources and time to other pressing matters and maintain full control of your campaigns at all times.

4. Any Budget can Work

It’s true, winning those clicks can cost some businesses hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Over to the legal industry, some long-tail keywords can cost up to around $1000 per click!

However, most keywords don’t cost as much, and if they do you have the advantage of being able to put constraints on your daily budget, maximum bids, etc. since you’re using Ads. This allows you to place all your confidence that you won’t spend more than you want to even if you aren’t monitoring your account thoroughly.

It’s easier to decide how much you want to spend each month and then adjust the budget accordingly to the performance graph. If the ad is performing extremely well, then you can increase the ad spending for better results. And as that works in reverse to decrease the ad spend for an underperforming ad, you won’t suffer much of a loss either. And then you can also stop it all instantly to save the risk of losing another penny over nothing.

5. Results are Easy-to-Understand

It’ll be harder to know where or how to improve if you cannot pinpoint what it is you’re doing wrong. Some analytic dashboards are impossible for anyone to understand to be able to figure out what is what.

Fortunately for us, Google has made everything pretty simple and easy to work with and understand so you know where you’re lacking and exactly how you can make it better to obtain the best possible results.

You can find out the basic information like clicks, impressions, keyword budgets, etc easily with the Google Analytics integration. It helps you in seeing exactly how each visitor is responding to your website, all the way to what they clicked, where they went, and how long they spent there.

6. Quicker Results than with SEO

One thing that will never change, is the importance of Search Engine Optimization and how it will always be the main support for the most highly visited sites. Every page and post is well-thought, carefully structured with numerous researched keywords, but at the same time they have a massive amount of backlinks that have built up over the time. This still happens to be the number one ranking factor for web pages.

For some businesses, this seems like a dream that will take those years to develop. However, with Google, your chances to overpower organic results on a search engine result page grows almost exponentially!

With it being hassle-free you are bound to see results in no time! Which means you are free from the never-ending search for links to boost your pages rank, or overdoing your content with keywords to add to your post-click landing page.

Asad Mazhar
Asad Mazhar
Asad Mazhar is a professional SEO expert with 5 years’ experience. He is currently working with a Dubai based company Go-Gulf and is currently working on the ERP Software Dubai.

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