What is Link Building Strategy

November 2, 2016 by OurNetHelps

Everything you’ve been learning by far was leading towards the point of making your own SEO strategy that is ought to help you increase your ranking and boost positive traffic towards your site or blog, leading more visitors to your web spot in a natural and clever way. Here is the main point you should consider when making your own Link building strategy.

Making a Plan. Every great strategy requires a solid good plan. In order to start off with working on your strategy, you should first get your own team – note that there will be plenty of work if you are planning on doing everything by yourself, although you can always rely on a good SEO analyzing tool to help you out with your planning. Starting from content on your site, to make a good site in the eyes of crawlers checking on your website and determining what your rank should be, you first need to know that your content should never be categorized as spam – you need to use original content that is relevant to the subject of what your blog or site is about – you should never use random keywords only to draw visitors from different targeted audiences. Relevancy and uniqueness are the keys for successful web content.

Make sure that your content is also optimized with proper keywords. Keywords should be naturally and without intrusion be equally spread through content and not overly-optimized. Researching keywords should also be your priority as you will use keywords for creating anchor text as well. Make your keywords relevant and as unique as possible.

Now that you have that covered up and you are sure that your content is completely relevant and not created in purpose of solely driving traffic to your site, you can focus on other points of your plan.

If you need help with researching and an extra hand for working on the site, you can always hire content writers and SEO agents. Make sure you determine the budget and time needed for making your plan come to life. Consider hiring SM managers as well if you can’t do socializing by yourself.

You would also need to use various social networks where you can connect with potential visitors and share your content.

To make an even greater outreach to all your visitors and those who are categorized as your potential visitors, you can offer free newsletters with relevant content. You will be sending newsletters via e-mail and keep your visitors up-to-date, which is another great way of keeping your visitors engaged and keeping your visits go up.

Above all you should be focused on planning your back linking and driving visits to your site across other sites, that way creating a wide map of back links leading to your site – your links must be relevant, spam-free and accepted by other sites in order to make a natural link profile and a clear path for your SEO strategy – even better case scenario, the perfect case scenario actually, would be to have other sites posting back links to your sites, which can also be one of the main points of your SEO strategy.

Low Hanging Fruit. Another thing you need to pay attention to is the hanging fruit of the SEO. This means that we often focus on difficult and more complicated strategies when it comes to SEO that we often forget about simple things that can be performed and easily help us boost traffic towards our web spots.

One of the things not many administrators use is analyzing competitors and this can be more than handy as you can see what kind of content the biggest popularity, what kind of backlinks they use, is their content relevant, how they use anchor text and what kind of keywords they use.

This is also great for keywords researching as you also need to come up with original, but relevant keywords in order to drive traffic to your site by jumping to the top of the first page.

You can always use some of the tools we have listed to help you with analyzing competitors. Even though you will be looking up to your competition, always keep in mind that you need to be unique. This is a very simple strategy but is very effective if planned out well. Sometimes the simplest solution that takes less effort is the best solution.

How to Compel to Sites to back you up with Back links?

We have already mentioned, and more than several times, that you can use back-links on other sites in order to connect your site to other sites, preferably to web spots relevant to your niche. But, what you should be aiming for is to have other sites post back-links by themselves that will lead their visitors straight to you.

You are of course interested in getting as many different unique domains as possible, so rather than getting 10 links on one site, you should focus on getting at least one on 10 different unique domains.

But, how are you going to compel to another site to post your back links?

There are several ways of doing so and one of the ways is to connect with people from your niche that are your competition but are open for cooperation. You can connect with several different sites from your branch and try and make a deal of sharing back-links across different posts where they would be posting back links to your site and vice versa. The more relevant sites you are connected to and unique domains you connect with, the better.

Another way is to use a true bliss when it comes to marketing and connect with potential visitors across social networks. As you might have noticed, many people have their own blogs now, so you might stumble upon a blogger who appreciates your causes and goals then shares a link to your site. The more fans you have, preferably blogging fans, greater are the chances that you will get natural and free back links.

Be Proactive! Being proactive in the sense of SEO strategy is also a wide term as you need to be active and proactive in every aspect of your plan in order to make the entire mechanism work.

You should definitely consider being active on different social networks as you can easily get your backlink shared, also increase traffic towards your site solely by being active on social networks. You will also need to dedicate serious time to analyzing and researching the progress you are making or not making. If there is no progress, in terms of being proactive you should work on tracking the problem down and solving it to prevent negative points or decrease in your ranking or traffic.

Be active and try to connect with other site owners and administrators from your branch and try and make a partnership. Be active in analyzing your competitors and always try to be innovative whether we are talking about coming up with original keywords or changing your strategy to better. Being active with changing and renewing content on your website, also blogging daily and proactively will positively affect your ranking and help you establish your brand. Once you come to that point, you will learn that obtaining a natural link profile is far easier when you have your brand established and well-known for a solid good reputation.

Heads up! Keep up with your competitors and follow up with your progress, always being ready to fix and improve something.

Get Your Reward with Altruism. In the spirit of sharing, you should be open for a sense of altruism where you should be also posting links to other sites through your posts and content whenever there is a situation calling for that, just like you could have a good use of someone else deciding to share a backlink to your site.

If you are using a reference from someone else’s site, make sure you link their post to yours with a smart use of anchor text, that way leading traffic to their site. You get nothing from that, that is true, but what is potentially hidden there is a cooperation as the other party may return the “favor” in the same manner and post a back-link to your site as well as you have, clearing a path for a useful “back link partnership”. Make references to various different sites from your niche by adding different links when and if needed.

Leverage: Link Exchanging Options. Link exchanging is actually a thing that turned into a true network of users and participants as there are many sites and platforms specialized in connecting users in order to enable them to exchange back links. The process is simple and can be a good point of your own SEO strategy as you are basically posting links on your posts, sending your visitors to their sites and attributing to their backlink map, whereas the other party does the same thing for you.

It might be easier for you to find sites ready to exchange links with you by signing up for one of many links exchanging platform, but it is recommended that you find trustworthy sites by yourself and make a backlink partnership without a third party being or getting involved.

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