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What is a Dedicated Server and how it Works?

What is a Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a specific server in a data centre that is set aside for one client’s usage. Typically, these servers are used for high-volume websites, online applications, and other services where speed is critical, such as machine learning and virtualization. Those activities go under the name “hosting” as well.

Shared hosting refers to housing numerous clients’ websites on a single server. Larger websites with heavy traffic may struggle to adapt to the shared arrangement due to its limitations on resources like speed, memory, and bandwidth but these websites also rent dedicated servers.

If you rent a dedicated server, from a dedicated rental server like https://deltahost.com/dedicated.html you will have complete authority over it and its features. This makes it the most adaptable hosting option currently available. Dedicated servers are an excellent choice for businesses that need many concurrently running services.

Why would you need a dedicated server?


Your website, if hosted on a shared server, will appear among many others. They are present on the same machine as you, sharing the same resources as you, but invisible when you log in. If one suddenly becomes very popular or falls victim to faulty code, your site’s performance may suffer significantly.

After renting a web server, the next step up is a virtual private server (VPS), where you and other users still share the server’s resources but to a lesser extent. Isolating resources at the operating system level gives VPS owners much more independence.

Virtual private servers allow for full root access, so users can host their content without worrying about their server’s resources being drained by unseen users. This is because using a virtual private server (VPS) allows you to gain root access.


Every aspect of your dedicated server’s configuration is entirely under your command. To a large extent, everything depends on you. You may put in any software you desire. There is no limit to the number of accounts that can be made. You have complete control over the system’s services, ports, language, resources, and security settings.

While the system runs, you can keep tabs on anything from the volume of data traveling over the network to the number of resources used in RAM. You can look into each user’s activity on the system to see how they typically employ it. This level of direct examination enables a method of troubleshooting that would be impossible with other types of hosting.

Dedicated server use cases

A serious pastime

It is a goal of some individuals to become self-sufficient in computer administration and programming. Some players wish they could host a game where the entire environment could be tailored to their tastes and those of their friends. Others are trying to find a safe place to store their discs and tapes.

These people are all devoted to hobbies that require a high level of technical expertise. They aren’t afraid to ask questions or do the work required to maximize an existing framework.

Those who enjoy tinkering with computers greatly benefit from having their dedicated server. Both CPU and RAM are in high demand among gamers who want to host a server for their friends. By 2021, many game engines will struggle to run smoothly on less than 250 MB of RAM per player.

 For every four players, you’ll need an extra GB of RAM. Once you have more than a dozen users on your server, switching to a dedicated server is more cost-effective than renting RAM for your VPS plan.


A dedicated server should be at the top of your list of server options if you run a web-based store. Gaining access to this new layer of defence and management will allow you to give your customers the safest and most satisfying experience possible. Because of this, your search engine optimization will improve.

 Data mining is a critical component of building a successful business in the current day, and you may make full use of your CPU resources and disk storage to aid you in this process. Customers’ actions may be tracked, and related AI-driven technologies can be linked for analysis. In addition, you may set up a piece of software to keep an eye on social media remarks at all hours and respond automatically to certain of them.

WordPress Development

WordPress’s design aims to encourage personalization. You cater to your individual needs by designing customized themes and plugins. You may have an idea for a flexible print layout or a technique for studying your target demographic.

On the official WordPress marketplace, a substantial number of freelance developers earn their livelihood by selling themes and plugins. As a result of the pleasant environment, working here is a joy. Using a shared server or a cloud hosting service may allow you to try WordPress on your virtual server. It’s not a wise decision at all.

If your program has a resource leak or an unexpected spike in traffic that causes the CPU, RAM, or storage to be overworked, you may incur extra costs on your next payment. A strike may be recorded against you as well. If you obtain excessive strikes, the Terms of Service will be revealed to you.

You can see what the server is doing, even when your plugin fails and thrashes, stop and restart services, and even reboot it if required while working with a WordPress installation on a dedicated server. If you need more CPU time, RAM, or disk space, no one will be angry at you, and no one will charge you more.

Advantages of a dedicated server

Dedicated hosting has many advantages, and the following are just a few of the most common reasons people make that choice.

More consistency in operation

When you share a server with other websites, your own website’s performance will be affected since it will rely on the performance of the other websites utilizing the same server. However, if you choose dedicated web hosting, you will never have to worry about problems arising.

You won’t have to worry about the server’s uptime since you won’t have to compete for its limited resources with other users. You won’t have to worry about either of these.

To your knowledge, you are the server administrator.

If your hosting package includes dedicated server access, you will be the only person with permission to change the server’s configuration. This was discussed earlier. After that, you can install whatever software, applications, or programs you want on the server, making it perfectly suited to your specific needs.

More secure and risk-free

You can rest assured that the server’s security will never be compromised by malicious code uploaded by other users or any other type of vulnerability introduced because your website is the only one using the server. In a nutshell, dedicated web hosting provides unprecedented safety and security over shared web hosting.

The disadvantage of a dedicated server

As could be anticipated, dedicated hosting isn’t perfect. Here are some of the most common complaints from those who have considered but ultimately decided against utilizing dedicated servers:

Expenses are Increasingly

This may or may not surprise you, but the cost of this web hosting is significantly higher than shared hosting options. Different rates apply because you aren’t currently sharing the financial burden of this venture with anyone else.

This means it’s not always a good fit for start-ups or smaller businesses, but you can always switch if you decide to down the line. Although you may not be interested in making the switch, you may change your mind later.

Superior in terms of technology

In dedicated hosting, the customer bears full responsibility for all aspects of the service, in contrast to shared hosting, where the provider handles all aspects on the customer’s behalf.

The proper operation of a dedicated server requires specialist knowledge of server administration and management. Customers might pay more for dedicated hosting, in which the hosting company handles everything on the customer’s behalf.

Setting up your web hosting

By weighing the benefits and drawbacks of dedicated web hosting against one another, you can decide if it’s the right choice for your business. That is to say, you can now evaluate the pros and cons of using dedicated web hosting for your business.

No companies are exactly alike, and what works for one company may not work for another. Thus, it is crucial to carefully weigh the pros and cons of using a dedicated server in light of your business’s specific needs and demands.

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