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How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

Watch Deleted YouTube Videos

When your favorite YouTube videos removed, it is undoubtedly disappointing.

Have you ever been in such a situation?

YouTube videos are lost for many different reasons. Sometimes, they are permanently removed; Sometimes, they are accidentally removed by the creators without prompting.

So, can you watch the deleted YouTube videos? Do you know how to watch deleted YouTube videos?

No worries! In this article, you will find one final way to help you.

Let me show you!

Part 1. How to find deleted YouTube videos

Do you know the most common way to find deleted YouTube videos?

Watching deleted YouTube videos is not always easy. Luckily, we still have a chance for you.

Occasionally, videos removed from YouTube may be shared or uploaded by other users to other social media platforms. So, if you get the title of the video, it is possible for you to find it elsewhere.

Here, in the following section, you can get the most common way to watch deleted YouTube videos online.

First, go to the YouTube official website and enter the title of the deleted video.

Second, after the search, the results will appear. Choose and see what you are seeing from the search results.

If no search results show up, please go to other social platforms (like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, etc.) is a try. There is a lot of potentials that deleted videos have been uploaded or shared by other users before being deleted on YouTube.

So, as you do on the official website of YouTube. For example, open Facebook and enter the video name. After viewing the search result, select what you want from it. If this is the right video you are looking for, congratulations!

This is the most commonly used method for searching deleted YouTube videos. It sometimes works, but not very often. If the videos have not been uploaded or shared on other social platforms, how will you do?

So, to solve the problem, the ultimate way is to download your favorite videos in advance.

Part 2. Watch and Download Deleted YouTube videos

Downloading YouTube videos is the most effective way to get rid of “headaches”.

I always like to use AnyUTube. It is a powerful YouTube video downloader app. It is free, safe, and easy to use.

You can find YouTube videos here via video name or video link. Before downloading, you are free to choose video formats, sizes, and properties from 360p to higher.

Let me show you how to use AnyUTube to downloads or watch deleted YouTube videos.

First, I will teach you how to watch deleted YouTube videos without a link.

Step 1: Launch the AnyUTube application, and then enter your YouTube video name on the search bar. After searching, you see several related videos that appear in the search results area.

Step 2: Choose the video you want. You can either click “MP3” or “MP4” to download the file directly. If you want higher video quality, click “More” to get more options to get the download.

Easy, right?

If you are surprised how to watch deleted YouTube videos with URL, just follow the instructions above. They share almost the same process.

Just copy the YouTube URL into the search bar of AnyUTube. After showing the search result, please click “MP3” “MP4” or “More” as per your choice.

The conclusion

From the methods mentioned above, do you know how to watch deleted YouTube videos?

If you use the most common method, it is also worth a try. But it sometimes works.

But to avoid missing your favorite YouTube videos is to download them ahead of time.

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