8 Wonderful Google Algorithm Updates

November 15, 2018 by sreejani-bandopadhyay

Google algorithm updates create benchmarks for digital marketing companies. Unlike history recreating itself Google algorithm nourishes every content thereby creating a willy-nilly situation. It is easy to visualize that Google is crawling all the websites when we put in our query and press enter. Google algorithm binds up with the code known as “Spider”. Spider […]

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9 Effective Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy

November 15, 2018 by priyanshu-yadav

Employes are the person who works for your organization or with small business on a salary basis or on daily wages. The employee can be a part-time employee or a full-time employee. It works under a certain contract and plays the role, fulfills his duties and responsibilities. It is also known as a worker. If […]

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The Importance of User Experience in the Business Website

November 15, 2018 by razik

The prime selling factor for any business website is user experience. With many business interactions being conducted online, it has become very critical to offer users a seamless, frictionless digital experience when they visit your business website. The way a visitor feels while interacting with the website is the User Experience (UX). It should be […]

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5 Signs That Your Dog Respects You

November 12, 2018 by petbucket

Dogs are known for being loyal and giving unconditional love, which is why many of us consider our canine chums best friends. But asides from loyalty and love, it’s equally important that your four-legged friend respects you. With respect, your pet will stay safe because they’ll obey your commands, and it’ll also strengthen the bond […]

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