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Tactics for Advanced Video Marketing Strategies

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Video Marketing is the method of increasing online audience engagement and subsequently the final sales with the help of a circulation of videos on various online channels, mostly social networking sites. This method of Digital Marketing proves to be highly effective once a video goes viral on the web; it sort of starts to market itself autonomously at a stage. This one for people out there who like to make a ‘visual’ statement. Online Video Marketing will work well to your advantage if done properly. Let’s have a look at how we can run effective Video Marketing campaigns for better conversion rates.

Strategies for effective Video Marketing

1. Add more informational content in your videos rather than making it completely promotional in nature. In this way, your products and services will be advertised for sure when a user goes through the entire video in search of good content. This is a very effective video marketing strategy.

2. Produce a lot of content that is diverse in nature. When you’re posting on a video sharing site, you really wish to ‘stand out’ as far as the others doing it is concerned; and that means posting more videos about your product. Oh, and it helps to produce a wide ‘range’ of videos as well. Besides them differing in nature, you want them to have varying lengths as well as to provide an interesting mix!

3. Integrate your video content with that of your website. This is a great way to promote your products and services. It gives your video campaign a greater degree of authenticity in the process.

4. Make sure that you engage with your audience on every platform. Video Marketing is a perfect platform to interact with people who might be interested in using your products and services. They will further share your videos in their circles that will result in your video going viral overnight in case your idea is unique or really interests the masses.

5. You do not wish to underestimate the power of YouTube marketing. It makes sure that you get up to ten times more of a click-through rate than if you don’t opt for the same. It uses various hyper-targeting options to deliver the best possible results to the user. If you’re looking to drive engagement and calls to action, then you shouldn’t really miss out on the benefits that this kind of advertising has to offer.

Pros and Cons of Video Marketing


1. The results are in real time. You can actually track the results of your video campaign on a second-to-second basis. You can even go to the extent of knowing where the person who is viewing your video is located.

2. Video Marketing costs less and this is its biggest plus. It really doesn’t cost anything to market your brand in the video world out there if you are ready to invest some time and effort.

3. It has a global reach. Your video can be broadcast to people all around the world who have an internet connectivity. Therefore you can literally reach every nook and corner of the world through your video marketing.


1. As for your YouTube marketing campaign, you can’t force people to view your videos. In all probability, people are going to wait for 5 seconds and ‘skip’ that video ad of yours. You need to get more people to really watch the whole thing and then share it. But then that can be very difficult indeed. The trick is to implement your promotions in between other interesting videos so that the people go through your ad to in their attempt to continue watching the video.

2. It’s easy to book the wrong slot in online video marketing. You have to get that ‘slot’ right or else you will be catering to an audience that has no interest in what you are trying to say or sell, thus resulting in wastage of time and money.

3. Your ads might appear on inappropriate content. Because the web is such a diverse place, there’s really no way to ensure that something of the sort is prevented from happening altogether. That might lead to most ‘awkward’ moments.

As a matter of fact, Video Marketing has proven to be very effective for brand building and promotions in the online world and is being embraced by many experts in their video marketing strategies. With the rise of smartphone users, new horizons for online marketers have opened up. It has also resulted in the advent of new ways of Digital Marketing in the form of online video marketing.

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