Top Video Calling Apps of 2017

December 18, 2017 by OurNetHelps

2017 has been a blessing when to comes to digital developments as we have seen some great advancements in the field of Mobile Apps Development, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and many more that we could not even dream of. However, there has been a pretty good growth on the ground level as well, and we have seen small technologies being tweaked up for our convenience.

Talking about convenience; what could be more convenient than seeing your loved ones, anytime, anywhere you want? Yes, in a sense, the convenience we are talking about here is the one that comes from video calling apps. Some of the major innovators and mobile app developers have greatly improved the best video calling apps in terms of resolution, ease of use, data consumption, and many more other factors. Ready to know which video calling apps you can get for your phones? Here’s a quick list:


WhatsApp is one of those apps that quickly became viral like a wildfire, with its video calling feature, it has stepped up the benchmarks for competitors. The catch in WhatsApp video calling is that even a beginner can easily make video calls from within the app. Also, data savings have been especially taken into account by optimizing the app in such a way that it consumes a nominal amount i.e 12.74 MB in a 4-minute call. The call button is placed neatly over the chat window that allows making video calls in a tap.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook has always played smart when it comes to choosing what to include in its portfolio. And this time again, the decision to include video calling feature in the one of the most popular text messaging app – Facebook Messenger – has been quite clever as the number of people using Messenger app is huge. Just like in WhatsApp, video calling button has been located quite conveniently, and the app surprisingly uses 4% lesser data as compared to WhatsApp.

Google Duo

Google apps are best known for their user-friendliness in terms of interface, user experience, and functionality, and Google Duo has got it all. A unique feature Google Duo comes with is that you can see a live preview of the caller. To make Duo a universal choice for video calling, the app has cross-platform compatibility. From what we get to hear from the users and the critics as well, Google Duo has been rated as the best quality video calling app. Talking about quality, Duo is premium in all senses, including data savings. Apparently, the video calling app comes with optimized data consumption protocols that vouch for much better video quality compared to its rivals, with only a slight increase in the overall data consumed.


Skype was the first desktop application that opens our eyes to the fact that we can see our people, live, on a computer screen, anytime we want. And the same sort of faith Microsoft has imbibed its mobile application with. Skype, although not very sparing when it comes to consumption, promises no less than ultra-high-quality video calls, with a slightly higher use of bandwidth.

Needless to mention, Skype is the first choice of corporate houses and enterprises for conferencing and video calling. In terms of quality, Skype has always been at the top, and recently, the app developers and design team at Microsoft have revamped the app for good. Recently, the app has also been instilled with Chatbot feature, enabling one to use chat-assistance.


Prior to the advent of video calling apps, to see someone on a screen and talking to them in life was only a thing of fantasy. Not only have the Video calling apps opened the lines of communication with the ones we are close; they have built a new way of communication channel that involves the credibility required between two parties to move forward together. And this is why credit goes to the advancements in mobile app development, one of the biggest uses of these video calling apps is in the recruitment industry and enterprises.

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