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List of 50+ Most Useful Websites on the Internet

Useful Websites

There are millions of websites on the internet, and new ones keep popping up every day. Here is a list of 50+ lesser known useful websites that will help you reach one goal or complete one task extremely well. They have simple web addresses, easy to remember, and made for one purpose. These sites will inform you, educate you and help you make better and smart decisions.

Some of them will also entertain you. Why include them in this list? Because we all need small breaks from time to time. Relax our muscles, shut our eyes and take a deep breath, clear our mind and focus better. You know what I mean. So without wasting time on matters that do not matter, let us proceed!

  1. Coursera.org – The Coursera project makes the world’s best education accessible to everyone. It’s a very cool opportunity to get course completion certificates from the top universities in the world. There are both paid & free programs.
  2. Duolingo.com – The DuoLingo is one of the best website where you learn new languages very easily.
  3. Canva.com – Canva is a graphic design website. You can easily design logos, banners, youtube thumbnails, social media graphics, etc. very easily and within a few minutes.
  4. Codecademy.com – The easiest way to learn how to code. Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP etc.
  5. Fiverr.com – A fun online marketplace for small services that you can pay 5 dollars for. You can have great fun buying these services or make some money offering the services to people around the world.
  6. SEMrush – SEO Tools – Discover your competitors, improve your SEO, and boost your rankings.
  7. Grammarly – Check and Correct any grammar errors, spelling, and online plagiarism detection tool.
  8. Udemy – A best online learning platform that provides video courses in Development, Business, IT, Software, Design, Marketing, etc categories.
  9. Gtmetrix.com – Perfect tool for measuring your site performance online.
  10. Google.com/fonts – A good collection of open-source fonts.
  11. Upwork.com – Here is a website that will connect you to companies and people around the world that will provide almost any service that can be done online at very affordable prices.
  12. Livestream.com – Broadcast events live over the web, including on your desktop screen.
  13. OneDrive – One Drive is a free service by Microsoft that allows anyone to be able to store documents, notes, photos, and videos that are important to you.
  14. PayPal.com – The most popular and trusted website to receive and send money online anywhere in the world.
  15. Jotti.org – Scan any suspicious file or email attachment for viruses
  16. Mathway.com – Solve your math here no matter how complex it is.
  17. Printfriendly.com – Make any web page printer-friendly.
  18. Maps.me – The Maps.me provides offline maps using Open Street Map data.
  19. Oldversion.com – One of the most useful sites I consider the Oldversion resource. On it, you will find an archive of all the old programs and games. Now, if one of your friends is whining that programs and games used to do better than they do today, you can show him this site.
  20. Gethuman.com – Search any company contact numbers.
  21. iRuler.net – Use this internet ruler for measuring.
  22. Shouldiremoveit.com – This resource will tell you which programs on your computer are useless and are asking for removal. In other words, if you are not a computer savvy and don’t have a friend who can “clean” your computer old programs, you can look at Shouldiremoveit.
  23. Evernote.com – Best note taking app for any platform.
  24. Outline.com – Visit sites/URLs without ads.
  25. Random.org – Pick random numbers, flip coins, and more.
  26. Lovelycharts.com – Create flowcharts, network diagrams, sitemaps, etc.
  27. Mywot.com – Check the trust level of any website.
  28. Basecamp.com – Basecamp is the ultimate project management cross-platform SAAS program to manage your team, project and more.
  29. XE.com – Currency converter covering every world currency.
  30. Agoodmovietowatch.com – Helps you find a good movie to watch.
  31. Zamzar.com – Converts files from one format to another (supports over 1200).
  32. Hightail.com – Easily send and share large files securely.
  33. Easel.ly – Create quick, easy infographics using simple templates.
  34. Ewhois.com – Find out other websites owned by a person with reverse analytics lookup.
  35. Getpocket.com – Pocket for web and mobile can save articles and web pages on the fly so you can read them later at leisure.
  36. Everynoise.com – Search music by genres and artists.
  37. Iwantmyname.com – Helps you search domains across all TLDs.
  38. Plustransfer.com – Transfer files of any size without uploading to a third-party server.
  39. Getnetwise.org – All you need to know about keeping the net safe.
  40. Privnote.com – Create text notes that will self-destruct after being read.
  41. Wetransfer.com – We Transfer is a free service for sharing big or small files online.
  42. Copypastecharacter.com – Copy special characters that aren’t on your keyboard.
  43. Ohdontforget.com – Schedule text message reminders in advance so you don’t forget stuff.
  44. Wolframalpha.com – Gets answers directly without searching.
  45. Oldversion.com – Download the older version of any software in case the new version is not working correctly.
  46. IFTTT.com – Create a connection between all your online accounts and set it on autopilot.
  47. Freeimages.com – Download stock images absolutely free.
  48. Rxlist.com – Drug index to know what the pills you’re taking actually do and there is also a feature that will help you identify your pills, in case you mix two up by mistake.
  49. Wikiquote.org – Collection of Quotations.
  50. Qlock.com – Find the local time of a city using a Google Map.
  51. Thumbalizr.com – Allows users to take a screenshot of a website & download it in all sizes.
  52. Mayoclinic.org – Healthcare information from the experts.
  53. Zerodollarmovies.com – Search for free full-length movies on YouTube.
  54. Builtwith.com – Find the technology behind any website or blog.
  55. Lastpass.com – The excellent password manager that you can use on mobile, tablet, desktop and web browser.
  56. Webmd.com – Provides extensive health information services.
  57. Marker.to – Easily highlight important parts of a web page for sharing.
  58. Duckduckgo.com – A search engine that uses information from sources like Wikipedia, Yahoo, Bing, and WolframAlpha to display results. It protects the privacy and does not record any information about the user
  59. WordPress.com – Fastest and the best way to create a free blog.
  60. Ournethelps.com – Provide online web services, courses, and guest posting services.
  61. Any.do – Best task manager and to-do app for all platforms.
  62. Scribblemaps.com – Quickly create custom Google Maps online.
  63. Picturetrail.com – Create slide shows from your photos.
  64. Pdfescape.com – Quickly edit PDF files in the browser itself.
  65. Iconfinder.com – The best place to find Icons, Illustrations, 3D illustrations, etc. of all sizes.
  66. Quora.com – Ask questions on any topic and get answers for free.
  67. imo.im – chat with your buddies on Skype, Facebook, Google Talk, etc. from one app.
  68. Monster.com – is the largest and most popular website for posting your resume, job searching, and finding the right person to hire.
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