Top 5 Dating Tips for Men

September 8, 2016 by OurNetHelps

I know you have heard it a thousand times but you probably have never heard it. What am I talking about? The Truth.

With millions spent each year on magazines, books, TV, etc., you probably have never been taught the true tips of dating by a man who really knows. The advice on dating you have been getting is not working and now you have a chance to taste the truth, which will satisfy your hunger.

Most dating advice tips are written by women or feminized men.

That’s right, most magazines are written from a feminine perspective. Even men who call themselves dating advice gurus are usually so influenced by our feminine culture, they wouldn’t know a good dating advice tip if it hit them in the nuts.

What you are about to receive for free, just because you picked up this article, is the real deal. Now, as dating advice or tips go, I will have to keep the explanations on the short side but you should be able to get it.

What I will do is give you some very valuable but BASIC tips on dating. It’s not really advice to you men who know me. To you it’s gospel. But to the new men, it may be called advice.

Whatever you want to call them, if you never learn anything else but these 5 dating tips, you will score on so many more women than you ever thought possible and score on so much hotter women than you ever dreamed you were capable of.

Tip 1 – Know that women are attracted to men who are abundantly cocky and self-assured.

Rich, good-looking, smart, funny, bad boys, athletic, whatever. Guys who get sex and girlfriends are Self-Assured and Cocky. That is the only advice you ever really need.

Tip 2 – Women are motivated by survival.

That is why being cocky always works. Because it sends a subliminal message to girls subconscious that you are STRONG. A good breeder. Someone who will help her and her children survives.

Tip 3 – Shut your mouth.

Let her do the work. She sees you and already knows how cocky and strong you are that you are a potential target. Now she will imagine things about you to talk herself into you. Every time to reveal anything about yourself, you smash her illusion. Shut your mouth. That’s the best dating advice anyone will ever give you.

Tip 4 – Getting laid is a numbers game.

That’s right. Like it or not. Anyone who tells you different is a liar. You need to get out there and talk to as many as possible. It builds your confidence. It makes you cockier. But mostly it increases your chances of getting laid. If you don’t play the lottery, you can’t win.

Tip 5 – Make rejection FUN.

So if all you need to do is be cocky and shut up and do it for as many women as possible, then why not make it fun. Rejection, that’s why. It’s almost killed you. Get over it. Here’s a tip. Try going to the mall and talking to 50 girls in one afternoon. Try to get them to say no to you. Be obnoxious. Learn to not give a damn. Not only will that make you cockier and less afraid of women that you will even be shocked at how behaving that way gets you tons of attention and interest from girls.

That’s your free 5 top dating tips for today, now go take advantage of them!

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