Top 10 Features of Lenovo Laptops

Thinking of buying a new laptop? If so, Lenovo should be at the top of your wish list.

Founded as Legend Computers of Beijing in 1984, it’s not hard to see why this Chinese-American company is so legendary. Year after year, Lenovo continues to release high-concept designs featuring innovative extras. Some recent examples of groundbreaking Lenovo laptops include the rotating-screen Yoga family. And then there’s the ThinkPad, aka the first foldable-screen PC.

It’s no wonder that other major laptop manufacturers, including HP, Dell, and Acer are following close behind, adopting Lenovo’s technological advances and design revolutions into their own laptop models. Of course, smart consumers know that it’s better to go with an innovator than an imitator.

But what, exactly, makes Lenovo the best? Keep reading to learn the unique features of Lenovo laptops!

1. State-of-the-Art Technological Advances

Lenovo is always pushing the needle when it comes to innovation. But never has this been clearer than now, with the much-anticipated release of several Lenovo laptop models featuring the state-of-the-art Intel Evo processor.

In fact, Intel and Lenovo have partnered up to co-engineer an exciting range of premium, Evo-based laptops. Designed to keep up with the modern fast-paced society we live in, these new Lenovo laptops are some of the brand’s thinnest, lightest, and fastest models. And they all come with extreme processor speeds, top graphics performance, and more.

With Evo-verified laptops, you can expect an exceptional user experience anywhere, anytime. But to earn this credential, manufacturers have to prove that a laptop has necessary components, such as high-end storage and networking. On top of that, the laptop must meet or exceed strict Evo standards for battery life, responsiveness, and so on.

But the latest Lenovo laptops haven’t only earned the Intel Evo badge. They’re made to Evo specifications and demands. This means that Lenovo laptops are more than a collection of popular features. Instead, Intel Evo-verified Lenovo models promise purposeful technologies for the experience you crave.

For the customer, these impressive technological advances equal thin, light laptops that are also super powerful. And, while Evo-verified laptops will soon be everywhere, you don’t have to wait to secure yours if you opt for a Lenovo laptop.

2. Brand Versatility

Another big draw of Lenovo is how versatile the brand is, with laptop models to suit every kind of user and every kind of use. Whether you want a Lenovo gaming laptop or an ultralight business laptop, you’re sure to find the perfect model for you.

And, with each new innovation or modification, comes a different version for everyone. For example, if you’d like to take advantage of the new Intel Evo technology, you can choose from business-ready ThinkPad models, stylish IdeaPad ultra-portables, flexible Yoga 2-in-1s, and lightweight ThinkBooks for any kind of use imaginable.

Lenovo also understands the appeal of budget laptops for those who want optimal performance at an affordable price point. As for those of you in the market for Lenovo gaming laptops, the brand’s powerful Legion line is exactly what you need.

3. Amazing Aesthetics

Don’t think that Lenovo laptops are all function and no form, though. Many Lenovo laptop models within the brand’s complete range stand out for their sleek and streamlined aesthetic appeal.

If you love slick laptop designs that pack a punch, Lenovo should forever be your go-to brand. Yes, they’re full of innovative features and optimal hardware solutions. But in their essence, Lenovo laptops are minimalist by design.

4. Constant Innovation

It’s all very well saying that a brand is innovative and in a constant state of redevelopment and improvement. But with Lenovo, the proof is right there in the products.

Rather than watching to see what its competitors are doing, Lenovo considers what its customers are doing. Or, to put it a better way, what its customers want to do but aren’t able to. From this industry reflection and immediate responsiveness comes a range of solutions that have set the pace in the laptop world time and time again.

For example, Lenovo was the first brand to introduce a screen-based keypad that transitioned from a traditional keyboard to an illustration pad to an e-reader, all at the touch of a button. For digital artists, this feature of the brand’s Yoga series is a dream come true. And when you consider that the models in this range also have superior audio and graphics as well as an iconic watchband hinge that rotates 360°, it’s easy to see why customers look to Lenovo to find solutions to problems they didn’t even know they had.

Another great example of the way that the brand prioritizes functionality is the latest feature on its Lenovo gaming laptops: bezel-free screens. A bezel-free screen means reducing the frame to increase the image size without compromising on the size of the screen or the weight of the device. For gamers, this change offers a far more electrifying gaming experience thanks to a picture that puts you right in the thick of the action.

5. Fast Charging Capabilities

While we’re on the subject of solving problems, a laptop’s charging capabilities are often problematic issues for users. After all, laptops should be portable. But a powerful laptop that you have to charge for hours isn’t exactly in line with the concept of a portable device.

Luckily, with Lenovo’s Rapid Charge technology, you can charge 80 percent of battery capacity in only 30 minutes on the brand’s X1 Carbon model. Such fast charging is possible thanks to the way this model’s Lenovo laptop charger uses high current rather than high voltage. And, as well as increasing the battery charge rate, this feature helps battery longevity.

6. Long-Lasting Battery Life

While the brand is sure to bring the charging capabilities mentioned above to all its new models, the good news is that Lenovo laptops are famous for their long battery life. As such, you won’t even have to resort to using your Lenovo laptop charger as much as you would if with other brands.

Most Lenovo laptops can run for half a day before they show any sign of needing a recharge. And this is with heavy use and more complex applications. If you’re using your Lenovo laptop for casual applications such as typing, you can expect your laptop to last up to 15 hours before you need to recharge it! This kind of extra-long battery life is almost unheard of in the laptop industry, making Lenovo models a top choice for anyone who doesn’t want to compromise on power to guarantee less-frequent charging needs.

7. Convenient and Portable Design

A longer battery life and rapid Lenovo laptop charger options make the brand’s laptop options some of the most convenient for traveling and on-the-go use. But, while Lenovo’s powerful processors and constantly-improving graphics cards make for a better user experience every time, its laptops have shrunk in size. This combination makes Lenovo laptops far more convenient than ever before.

What’s more, Lenovo isn’t the kind of company to rest on its laurels when it comes to portability and the kind of lightweight designs that people now want from their laptops. The brand is forever trying to make thinner and lighter models that are still as powerful and functional as possible. So, even if it seems like Lenovo have reached its peak when it comes to compact design, you can be sure that the next wave of releases will be even more convenient than before.

8. Incredible Storage Capacity

Alternative storage options such as The Cloud may mean that storage is less of a concern for laptop shoppers. But you wouldn’t know this when researching which Lenovo laptop to buy. All its models have an incredible storage capacity that goes way beyond the possibilities of traditional laptops. As a result, you can look forward to a far more efficient, durable, and faster laptop experience.

9. Affordable Price Tag

Buying a new laptop can be a big expense if you go for a brand that doesn’t deliver value for money. Of course, this isn’t something you could accuse Lenovo of.

Lenovo laptops are very affordable, where even the most advanced and most powerful Lenovo models are well below the price of comparable laptop models from other brands. There are also plenty of options to choose from when it comes to Lenovo budget laptops, ensuring that affordability doesn’t have to mean limiting your search or compromising on your needs and preferences.

10. Extended Warranty Options

One last noteworthy feature of Lenovo laptops is the warranty and coverage the brand offers on its products. As well as the industry-standard 12-month warranty, many Lenovo models also offer an extended warranty option of up to 36 months for extra peace of mind.

The Top Features of Lenovo Laptops

As this list shows, Lenovo laptops are jam-packed with incredible features and functions, from specs to design, and so much more. And when you know all that comes at a price you can afford, it’s clear that buying a Lenovo laptop is a smart investment.

That said, with so many great options for every imaginable use and every kind of priority, the only difficult part is deciding which Lenovo laptop to buy!

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