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7 Secret Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look Luxurious

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Whether you are renovating your old bathroom or building one from scratch, there are few cool features which add a luxury quotient to your bathroom in no time. Most of the budget bathrooms use these techniques to make their bathroom look gorgeous and get the look and feel of designer bathroom suites.

1. Splash of Greenery Indoors

Adding a fresh air through natural indoor plants is matchless. It gives a relaxing retreat and naturally eliminates the impurity in the air and gives fresh oxygen to any bathroom. Use up the vertical space of your bathroom wall by mounting vertical potted plants or for wet-loving vegetation, use a Boston fern or a dracaena. Place two big pot on either side of a standalone tub in a larger bathroom to create a tranquil surrounding instantly. Money plant is also one of the climbers which can extend beautifully if placed near a window or on the countertop of your wash basin. These are some of the plants which require less water and less sunshine which thrives well in the indoor environment.

2. That Steal the Show

Whenever you step into a premium bathroom suite, the first thing we check is the elegantly sitting faucets which complement well with the d├ęcor. The golden toned or the copper-toned faucets with contemporary designs with the long neck or the black matte finished faucets with cascade flow of water mesmerize anyone. Go in for a contrast color with your wall interiors to make it look stand out from the rest of your bathroom accessories.

3. Ditch the Shower curtain and use a clear glass panel

To give your bathroom a spa-like opulence looks and feel, use a transparent glass panel in the place of a traditional shower curtain. It provides a contemporary look and proves to be a worthy upgrade. You can also inbuild a recessed cabinet shelf beside the shower area to maximize the use of the wall space. You can also try smoky finished shower glass panels which not only adds more privacy to your showering area but also gives an alluring addition to your bathroom.

4. Glass Jars to Store Your Bathroom Essentials

Show off your bathroom accessories in a transparent Mason Jar or upholstery one which gives a spa-like feeling to your bathroom. Epsom bath salts, cotton balls, and aroma candles add a beautiful addition to your bathroom. Stacking multi-color bath balls adds a vibrant look to your storage area. The fresh aroma candles lift your mood and give a serene atmosphere.

5. Get Gorgeous Chandelier Lightings

Yes. You heard it right. Chandelier lightings are not only limited to the living room anymore. You can experiment it by hanging in the midst of your bathroom. It undoubtedly transforms any toilet to a whole new level and continues to be a show-stopper for any bathroom. Premium bathroom designs widely use these ideas or hanging pendants lights which all give a dazzling effect to your bathroom and highlight the beauty of your bathroom fittings.

6. Glass Top Basins

Inspired by the aquatic ocean elements, blue glass top wash basins are gaining popularity, and many designers opt for a more lively basin which has been a trendsetter in the basin manufacturer businesses recently. They come in different patterns and colors.

7. Stunning Towel Hooks

Now hang out your beach towel or your long bathrobe in a stylish way through these trendy towel hooks. They can be mounted in an array of three or four according to your wall space. Golden toned ones or chrome finished hooks prevent from rusting an gives a long-lasting coating and glossy finish.

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