The expert accidentally discovered how you can crack the lock of any smartphone

The vulnerability of phones due to the simplicity of unlocking the screen can be used not only by jealous spouses, but also by scammers. So the cybersecurity expert announced his discovery.

Quite unexpectedly, a simple way was found to bypass the screen lock on smartphones on the Android operating system.

In this way, anyone can hack someone else’s phone, writes TheSun.

Cybersecurity expert David Schutz accidentally discovered an easy way to bypass the screen lock. The expert is looking for bugs and weaknesses in devices. Analyzing the operation of his Google Pixel 6 smartphone, he determined that when switching SIM cards, anyone can unlock someone else’s phone.

The danger is that this method can be used not only by jealous spouses, but also by scammers or swindlers.

David Schutz found that for this you first need to scan your fingerprints incorrectly three times, then the system will block access to biometric functions.

After that, you can remove the SIM card and insert another one, and then enter the PIN code incorrectly three times. The system will then ask you to enter the PUK code. And here, as David Shotz discovered, any standard code is entered, and the screen is then unlocked.

Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma
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