Telnum, A Phone Number Provider, Providing Virtual Number Worldwide

Telnum is a phone number provider, that provides virtual services worldwide. With Telnum virtual phone services you can be flexible enough with the uniqueness that it comes with. It attract more customers and reduce your expenses for communication dramatically. You can also visit the website and gather more

Virtual Phone Number Services

The virtual number services are very many and hence all users of these phone numbers can access numerous services at the comfort of their phones without necessarily missing out on their desires and needs.

Get a virtual number to answer calls anywhere in the world. Telnum offers a wide range of services that are developed to simplify international and domestic communication with customers. When a company buys the virtual numbers means it improves the performance of its company. Besides this, it is possible with virtual numbers to set various functions that will make your company serve its customers well and save up your money and time. After you have bought the virtual number, you will be able to enjoy massive features as listed below:

Phone Services and Systems for Home and Business

Virtual local phone numbers, Telnum is a site that allows you to get virtual local phone numbers in 5 minutes without proof of residence or business premises. By just clicking the link you can activate a virtual local number anywhere in the world while you are in any country. The number assigned to you will be redirected to another number, fixed through the website (customer care), you can manage your call forwarding to a landline, mobile, SIP, or voice mail.

With this service, you can treat your family and business associates with a permanent number at your country’s local rate. Answer all the incoming calls from the same phone, where the calls are forwarded. You can now give people your local number without bothering about where you are. Telnum also offers you Toll-free numbers, virtual SMS numbers, Multi-channel DID, and virtual fax numbers (fax to email).

Call forwarding services

Call forwarding service – Virtual Phone Call Forwarding service. This enables you to stay connected to your customers or partners even if the line is busy or you have changed the phone number. This service is not expensive and it excludes the possibility of missing the important calls. After you have set this function calls will be redirected from your mobile phone or landline to the one chosen by you. Phone call forwarding can be done after a certain time or number of rings. You have the right to choose a setting that suits you and do not miss calls anymore.

Virtual SMS Numbers

Get a virtual SMS number, a dedicated SMS number. Telnum offers virtual SMS numbers in the USA, Canada, Ukraine, and 80+ other countries in the world. You can receive text messages to confirm your cell phone number. The text message will be transferred to the email.

Virtual Office Phone Service

Virtual office phone answering services. This allows to get rid of such expenses such as office rent and at the same time set up a business center mailing address and telephone answering. With this service, you can avoid hiring extra staff as there is such an option as a virtual office assistant.

A virtual office assistant can answer the calls and perfectly replace the receptionist. No calls missed and a lot of money saved.

Virtual VoIP IP PBX, Bussiness Telephone System

IP PBX system switches between traditional lines and VoIP. VoIP transfers voice data over the internet, therefore IP PBX system allows getting a direct number of any country and at the same time to pay for international calls as if they were local. IP PBX system and VoIP PBX are great tools to expand your business and increase sales. Besides this such function as SIP IP PBX, that redirects call to various accounts – land-line phones, mobile, or even Skype. The best thing about SIP IP PBX is that call can ring many endpoints simultaneously. And the most important thing is that it is not expensive, you can reduce your expenses for communication.

Multi-Channel Virtual Phone Numbers (DID numbers)

Multi-channel virtual phone number. A very important feature that enables you to accept many incoming calls at the same time. With (DID numbers) it is also possible to divert calls to any kind of phone and Skype as well. With DID you can get a fax to your email address. This is the best solution if you need flexibility and you don’t want to be dependent on a certain location.

Virtual Fax Number – Fax to email

Virtual fax number to the email. Telnum offer fax numbers (fax to email) in countries such as Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hongkong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Korea, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, USA, UK, etc.

Toll-Free Phone Number (8800 numbers)

From you can get to toll-free phone numbers (8800 and other numbers) with call forwarding to your device: Mobile, Landline, SIP.

Additional Services

Call forwarding – This service can redirect calls to the appropriate destination (SIP, Mobile, or Landline)
IVR menu – Informational voice menu guiding subscribers to the needed department by pushing on dial digits.
Greeting messages – Recorded voice messages saluting subscribers when they dial your phone number.
Hold music – Pleasant melody replaces silence or phone toots during the waiting period for a call answer.
Blacklist – Get the ability to categorize undesired subscribers and create a special list for blocking them.
Call recording – Option permitting to record incoming and outgoing calls to obtain more information about them.


In conclusion Telnum virtual phone numbers have come up with something unique and of high technological upgrade that comes as a game-changer in this modern world. Globalization has been boosted with this great invention, this technology makes the business very easy to take due to the easy conveying of information. For sure Telnum has every sector in mind and through it, these sectors whether political, agricultural, business, tourism, etc all thrive where communication is properly taken into consideration and this is the aim of Telnum.

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