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How Technology Has Changed Your Teaching?

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We all know that technology is something which has been changed our lifestyle and we have witnessed so many deep-rooted changes in every field. When we take technological influence we especially the new generations are depending completely on technological devices and technological techniques.

The technological influence we can see in every field especially in the educational field. In the past teachers and students didn’t have any kind of reference books and other sources to make learning and teaching more interesting. They just had textbooks and other library books. But now in this technological era, we have a lot of sources and other applications and software which are really useful in educational fields.

Students, as well as teachers, are now more relieved and stress-free because of the helping hand rendered by the technology. Now more than 85% of educational institutions are using technological devices in their classrooms and their teaching process. Which made learning as well as teaching more interesting and students are not at all stressed because they know if they miss one part in schools they will get the detailed information’s through the help of internet.

So after the development of technology, the teaching process has been completely changed and it has become more interesting and innovative.

Digitalized classrooms

In the past teachers didn’t have many sources to make their teaching more interesting and attractive? They used traditional methods and planned their curriculum according to the limited sources and textbook oriented. But now the teacher’s preference has been changed and they give importance to student’s interest and their attitude towards learning.

Now more than 90%teachers use technological devices in the classroom and made developed digitalized classrooms which are attractive and interesting to the students. Instead of textbooks teachers use laptops computers through which they present the ideas related to the lessons and sow some interesting videos related to the chapters it made teaching easy and learning stress-free. One of the major developments that technology brought to the educational field is digitalized classrooms.

Presenting previous question papers

The most effective way to prepare students in learning for examination is collecting different question papers and presenting to the students. As we know it was a traditional method but as we know the question papers will not be sufficient to distribute to every student so they lack such sources. But now teacher can collect question papers from the internet using technological devices and present it to the students by using technological devices which can be used by every student and they can also answer it directly such activities made them competitive for examination and they will try to answer correctly so they will learn more and more.

Presenting educational applications

As we know there were so many educational apps are developed to help teachers as well as students. They can download it and present to the students. There will be so many questions and also mock test developed for the students which will be more effective. Teachers can also download so many teaching ideas related to the particular topic and they can use it in the classroom. Now teachers are including new ideas and skills in their teaching curriculum through the help of technological devices if one fails teachers can use the second one without wasting their time and teaching becomes stress-free.

Real life experience

By including technological devices in the classroom teacher can present real-life experience to the students. By showing videos pictures and other graphs and diagrams to the students which makes the students understand that whatever they are learning in the classroom and through textbooks are really exist in our daily life. They can develop a good discussion on the particular topic after showing the videos through that teaching becomes interesting and attractive to the students and they learn things by listing and watching. The audiovisual aids are really helpful to the effecting teaching and more than 80% of teachers using such devices in the classroom to make it a more interesting and effective one.

Encouraging individual learning

The teacher can encourage individual as well as collaborative learning. By using technological devices students are able to collect information s and use it to their learning purpose correctly what they need Is, teachers directions. Teacher here merely becomes an instructor or guide of the students who will lead them and instruct them in achieving their aim.

So technology helped the teacher to encourage the student’s individual learning which will make them confident and independent in their learning process. And collaborative learning will spread education and they will start talking about the findings and their new discovery related to a particular topic. So the class will be more active and they will not feel tired as well as a teacher will not feel confused or stressed. So such things make learning as well as teaching more effective and comfortable.

When the society changes according to that our system changes. Technology has influenced every part of life and people are really influenced by its innovative ideas. So that the parents need for their children’s future and education has changed.

So teachers are using a technological device which is a required element for their success. Technology has changed every system of educational process and it has helped to provide quality education and helped to enhance the quality of teaching.

Lana S Warren
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