Techniques to Find Email Address from LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an ideal source to find potential leads irrespective of your niche, industry, etc. Aside from the feature to run super-targeted ads, this platform empowers you to perform precise searches.

Howbeit, soon you will note some limitations on LinkedIn. In some cases, you can see the email address of members on LinkedIn except that you should have a 1st-degree connection with them. On top of that, predominantly, you can’t even message them if you are not connected.

You are in a situation where you’ve found the target region, market, and even the prospects. But how can you find emails from LinkedIn?

In this article, you will learn how finding emails works in the manual search method and with email lookup tools.

The Manual Way – No Tool Method

You can follow the manual search approach when you need only a small number of emails. However, I suggest you do not opt for this method when you have to fill a massive database for a campaign. For such a requirement, a manual search is not the appropriate method.

Now, let’s see how manual search works.

You can go to your prospect’s profile and click on the “contact info” link.

But, not everyone updates this information unless it is an organization. And there are cases where the details might be updated, but you won’t be able to see it because every user has the provision to decide whether their data should be publicized or not.

The next place to check is the “About” section; this is where the professionals update details about their expertise and conclude by providing their contact details.

Typically people who update their email address in the about section are the ones who are willing to be contacted with business proposals. So, it’s a good sign for you because they are easily approachable.

The other way to get their email id is by asking them directly through a message. LinkedIn has the “Send Message” feature too.

If you ask me if there is a chance to scrape the email address with a few taps?

I would say yes! With email search tools, the email addresses are just a few clicks away.

Email Lookup Tool

Now let’s look at the search tools to find the email addresses from the LinkedIn accounts. If you search on the web, the search engine will show lots of tools to get the email addresses quickly.

To just let you know the kind of tools I am talking about, here is the one; is among the most sought-after. They have a chrome extension to make email extracting easy from the LinkedIn platform.

This search tool allows you to find email ids from LinkedIn besides websites. You have to enter the first name, last name, and company domain. With big data and a machine learning algorithm, the search tool will get you the accurate email address of your prospects.

You can test this tool by using the free plan.

Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma
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