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Vulnerability in Tatsu Builder WordPress Plugin Under Attack

Experts warn that hackers are massively exploiting an RCE vulnerability (CVE-2021-25094) in the Tatsu Builder plugin for WordPress, which is installed on about 100,000...

Membrane, mechanical or scissor: which keyboard is better?

There are three main types of keyboards: membrane, scissor, and mechanical. The difference is in the mechanism of pressing the buttons, but the speed and...

Chrome will allow you to create virtual bank cards

As part of the Google I/O conference, Google developers talked about the many innovations in the field of privacy and security, including support for virtual bank...

The Wikimedia Foundation has stopped accepting donations in cryptocurrencies

Representatives of the Wikimedia Foundation reported that 71% of community members voted to stop accepting donations in cryptocurrency. The foundation that runs Wikipedia began accepting...

Google will no longer support part of the tags for images and videos in the Sitemap

Google has announced that it will no longer support some of the tags and attributes in sitemaps from August 6, 2022. Changes will affect individual...

Have You Ever Wonder Why NFT Games Gain So Much Popularity?

What are NFT games? Starting from the very basics, NFT stands for non-fungible tokens, which are digital currency put up on the blockchain. They allow...

Android Fixes Vulnerable Vulnerability Under Attack

Google engineers released monthly patches for Android, eliminating a total of 37 flaws in various components of the OS. One of these vulnerabilities was a problem in...

Two Factor Authentication on GitHub will Become Mandatory in 2023

GitHub announces that it is introducing new rules regarding security and two-factor authentication (2FA). By the end of 2023, all users contributing code to the platform will...

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