Top 5 Tips to Stop Hair Loss

September 14, 2016 by OurNetHelps

Hair loss can be a very embarrassing and depressing condition. There are millions of men and women in the World that have some degree of hair loss that is affecting their confidence and self-esteem. Unfortunately, this can often lead to depression and a lack of fulfillment in their lives.

But, this doesn’t have to be the case. Today hair loss can be treated and stopped just as many other conditions can be. So much more is understood about how and why people lose hair, and what can be done to stop it. Not only that, we can now even encourage hair to regrow with the use of certain products and techniques. Here are 5 essential tips to do just that.

1. Massage Your Scalp

A good scalp massage for just a few minutes every day can help increase the flow of blood to your hair follicles which can aid hair growth. A poor blood circulation is one of many factors that contribute to the loss of hair.

2. Eat Greens Foods

A well balanced and varied diet gives your body everything it needs to be in a position to promote hair growth. Top foods to be sure to include in your diet are nuts, meat, fish, fresh vegetables, salads, and plenty of water.

3. Don’t Get Stressed

Stress can affect hair loss quite a lot if you allow it to do so. Always try to stay calm and not worry about things. If you have a busy lifestyle and/or a pressured job, make time for yourself to relax and unwind every day. Possibly have a warm bath and empty your mind completely.

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4. Get Plenty Of Sleep

The human body requires sleep to prepare itself for the day ahead. This includes repairing, healing and growing various areas of the body such as the skin, internal organs, and hair follicles. Getting a solid eight hours sleep every night and establishing a regular sleeping pattern can help.

5. Use A Good Treatment That Combats DHT

One of the biggest factors causing the loss of hair is Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This is a hormonal byproduct of testosterone that has been shown to shorten the growth phase of hair by retarding follicle growth.

While DHT is essential for early development, it can attach to hair follicles as we get older, which causes the follicle to get smaller and smaller, and the hairs to get thinner-eventually falling out. The result is fewer visible hairs, which can result in hair loss. Inhibiting DHT formation can prevent early thinning, hair loss, and promote hair growth.