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How to Stay Motivated Even During Unemployment

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Sometimes life doesn’t go the way we plan. Becoming unemployed is definitely something we don’t plan for, however, it does happen to many of us. Not only is it stressful, it’s horrible for your self-esteem. I mean, how can a person not be stressed about lack of financial stability?

While it can seem like the end of the world, it isn’t! It’s just another part of life that many of us have to work through. Using the right motivation and drive, you could bump yourself out of the unemployment hole and work your way towards success. By pushing yourself and staying motivated, it will help you maintain a healthy outlook on life in general and keep yourself positive regardless of any issues occurs during the unemployment. Here are some tips to stay motivated during your time of unemployment.

Take some time to fix up your resume.

Sometimes a resume is the make or breaks factor of whether or not you get booked for that all important interview. In order to grab the attention of an employer, you have to have your resume stand out from the crowd. Plus, it’s never a good idea to send an outdated resume. During your “free” time, take a look at some ideal resume examples and be inspired by that. Also, make sure to have an updated cover letter to go with it. Besides fixing up your physical resume, make sure to take to the internet as well to post your resume. Sites such as LinkedIn are great for careers and networking so take advantage of that as well.

Maintain an exercise regimen and a healthy diet.

During this stressful time, it’s very easy to lapse and eat all the junk food in sight. I know it’s very comforting to indulge in pastries, candy, and chips but it will do nothing but get your body out of whack and make you lethargic. Instead be active and maintain a nutritious diet to benefit your physical and mental health. Also those extra pounds you gain from an unhealthy diet will not do you any favors in the confidence department. Do the right thing and you may find the discipline of maintaining an exercise regimen can transfer to other parts of your life.

Surround yourself with positive people.

You’re already struggling with a difficult time the last thing you want to deal with is negativity. If you have any friends that seem to enjoy the fact you are in the dumps, it’s time to dump them. Being surrounded by a positive support system will always help keep you motivated. So keep a close group of friends or family that will listen to you when you need to talk about how you’re feeling.

Keep your motivation by having a routine.

When employed, there is always a sense of routine. Now that you are unemployed that routine is definitely disrupted. While you should take some time to yourself after you’ve become unemployed, it doesn’t mean it should be a lengthy time. Begin your job search, create a schedule, and stick to the schedule you’ve created. This means your day should somewhat resemble a work day or at least a productive day. Keep a certain amount of hours to conduct your job hunt and then go on and do your other errands and activities. Don’t stay behind the computer and get stuck on the job search, it can become overwhelming and defeating.

Stay motivated by honing your skills.

Just because you are out of a job doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep learning. If you are in a certain field, find ways to keep on top of your skills by going to lectures, workshops, or classes. Employers will be impressed that you’ve kept up with current trends and events. Also by going to these classes, you motivate yourself to be better and to push yourself to learn.

Figure out your goals.

During this time of unemployment, you can take a look and assess your life. Were you happy heading down the path you were on? If not, why? This is a great time to reflect on where you want to be and the steps you need to take to get there. Perhaps you wanted to take a stab at being an entrepreneur or start your own business. This can be the perfect time for you to take that leap. Also, the prospect of starting a new journey can get anyone motivated.

Fight for what you want.

When it comes to a job search or life in general, you need to fight for what you want. Don’t just hope that things will land on your lap. We may wish for them to but that’s not always necessarily the case. For example, if you got an interview but never had a follow-up, don’t hesitate to call and inquire about the position. Also, networking is so important when it comes to landing a job or career. Sometimes it truly is about who you know. So fight for what you want in a professional manner of course.

It can be very defeating to be unemployed, but don’t let that ruin your spirits. You have valuable skills and can find your place elsewhere. So perk up, stay motivated, and see where this new road takes you. It may have been unexpected but it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily something bad. Your path and journey may not have been what you thought or expected.

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