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How To Become A Software Engineer? (The Most Efficient Way)

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The software is one of the hottest industries right now. The era itself is declared as the technological advancement epoch in the IT world. Call it the need of time or rapid change in technology; it surely did refurbish the way we used to look at technologies.

This industry surely has given lots of scope to technicians, developers, coders, testers; in short – ‘Software Developers’. Any evolution requires expertise resources to cater to the upcoming dynamic and volatile changes in the market. If enterprises are not well in advance prepared, they might lose the opportunity to promote the new trend to the users.

Fact alert: US News explicated that in the US, software engineers draw a median salary of $95,510 per year. The unemployment rate of software engineer stands around merely around 2.5% which makes it a lucrative option to pursue a career.

In the life of a software developer, there are few stages that every developer needs to go through to make their output worth it. They have to take various phases in consideration like plan, design, code, test, execute and more. However, the big question here is to actually know ‘How to become an efficient Software Developer’ that any software development company would like to hire.

There may be multiple answers to the question and they all are almost on the same lines. We bring to you a defined set of know-about that can guide you if you are looking to make a career in software development.

1) Know What is Best

While you may have decided that it’s the software development that you would want to pursue your career. There are many branches of the software development tree which they need to be aware of, like:

a) Language: There are many languages out of which a developer can choose his preferred one. A developer needs to be aligning their understanding, choice, preference with that of the chosen language and then move ahead.

Various languages to choose from are: Java, C, C++ and etc.

b) Specialization: They need to choose specialization basis which they will move ahead in their career path. Two most famous specialization are:

  1. Software/System Development: This type of developers uses a programming language to create that keeps technology operative and running in the most proper way.
  2. Application developer: Such developers understand the need of a developer to create design and code applications for various platforms like web, mobile and etc.

2) Education

The right way to pursue any career path is through going for the correct education certification. If you choose to be a certified software engineer, then you definitely need to attain a proper degree that is accepted by companies for jobs.

Learning yourself is surely adding the advantage of getting familiar with the software development but having a degree adds up the benefit and is most preferred when it comes to hunting jobs in various different companies.

3) Make Use of Tools Used by Qualified Developers

In order to be an efficient software developer, you need to take one step ahead and learn beyond the walls of classrooms and offices. Amateur software engineers have the benefit of learning from every possible platform available on their horizon. They can make use of tools and learn the various languages that they might need in their jobs.

There are various free resources like Codeacademy that code into a web browser and getting rated as per your effort. This gives you a view of a real-time calculation of your development understanding and where exactly you need to focus on to betters yourself.

4) Certification

While a degree is another thing that adds up in your learning career, you need to keep upgrading yourself since technology is ever changing. Education and degree only create the base for software development while certifications give a boost to your understanding of the latest trends in the market.

There are various certifications that are available from technology vendors, i.e. – Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle and other professional organizations such as IEEE. These build up an extra edge and fulfills the desire of where you want to reach.

5) Seek Like-Minded Community People and Build Projects

Just by yourself, it would become hard to practice and learn skills that you may not know of. And that is why it is suggested to be part of groups, communities that leverage the same level of understanding as you do. Like Minded people would encourage you to practice in participation which increases the chances of learning.

This is best if you are looking to have a conversation, discussions while you learn and practice. This also encourages you to build projects together and utilize everyone’s knowledge in the project. This ensures the high chances of accurate project delivery in dedicated timelines.

For instance – With Learn-Verified program, you can access a Slack group of students. These students come together and practice through lessons or topics on a video chat and private Slack channel.

Wrap up

There is definitely more to elaborate on becoming an efficient software developer. The most important thing to consider here is to believe in what you are doing. It’s your passion that is going to take you far in your career. Also, in the dynamic digital world, keep yourself updated with any new language, trend, a technology that is introduced and get your brains racing in order to learn it.

Siya Carla
Siya Carla is the Solution Consultant at Finoit Technologies, a leading custom software development company which provides unique web design and mobile app development services. By creating interactive mobile apps for 450+ customers across the globe, Finoit enjoys a great reputation as a prominent mobile app development company.

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