Most Popular Social Networking Sites for Business Marketing

December 1, 2016 by OurNetHelps

The following are some of the most popular Social Networking Sites that have so much potential for business and bloggers.

Ello: Ello is a social network where a person discovers beautiful art, gets inspired by expressive content, and takes to connect with amazing creators from around the world. In Ello, there are no advertisements, and the owners of Ello pledge that the account that a person creates will not be sold out to third parties for commercial use or advertising.

Ello being followed and following are asymmetrical. This practice means that a user can follow anyone without being known, and any person can follow you. In Ello, everything a user post, plus comments are public-private through settings. In this case, anyone can view your page on Ello and outside of Ello if he has a link to your page.

If a person uses Ello, he gets to place accounts into two categories Noise or Friends. A person can post only text, or only media such as photos, audio, and videos or an individual may use the combination of these. A person can edit this combination whenever he desires to.

Medium: Medium is a where you can sign up to interact and read content that matters greatest to you. Readers and writers from a community in the Medium social network and offer unique viewpoints on broad ideas as well as small ones.

Reddit: Reddit is a website that promotes user-generated news links. It helps the writers get votes, and it supports stories to the front page.

WordPress: WordPress is web software which a user can use to produce a beautiful website, blog, or app. Most people view WordPress as free and priceless.

Livejournal: Livejournal offers services for journals and blogs; it offers privacy controls, photo storage, publishing tools, style templates, and also online communities for a broad range of interests.

Pinterest: Pinterest is a tool for users which promotes strong visuals and through this social networking platform a user can find ideas for all interests and projects.

Quora: Quora has 1.6 million estimated users who visit the site and engage in it every month. Many people use Quora-like small business owners, starters, entrepreneurs, new readers, students or enthusiast learners, new bloggers, blog starters, infopreneurs, marketers, buyers or customers, marketing experts, technologists, influencers, professionals and so on.

Google+: The social networking site named Google+ is one of the fastest growing. It is a great place to connect with people all around the world plus build relationships and lastly drive readers to your blog.

Mix: StumbleUpon is a discovery engine which recommends and finds web content to the users. It has many features, and it allows users to find out and also rate pages plus photos and videos that are modified to the personal tastes plus interests by using peer-sourcing and principles of social networking.

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