SEO: How to Get On the First Page of Google

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Do You Want to Learn How to Master SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Get this Book and Follow My Step by Step Explanations!

SEO: How to Get On the First Page of Google

Search engine optimization (SEO) has greatly changed even in the last five years. Ten years ago, it was about keywords. The more keywords you used the better. A slow shift towards quality content began and is now in full effect. If you spam your articles with keywords, with low quality content, you will be penalized. If you try to trick Google, you will end up in the black hole for internet websites.

A few golden rules are needed before you jump into the SEO tips provided in this ebook guide:

1. Determine your investment abilities

2. Write quality content

3. Get your website indexed

4. Use keywords appropriately

5. Pay attention to the technical aspects

6. Avoid mistakes others make

The basics of SEO are contained within these pages. However, it is an ever-changing topic, with new rules, tips, and strategies coming out each year. The only way you can keep up with the changes is to pay attention, continue to read about the SEO niche, and keep up with the changes Google makes to improve the user experience.

You have one goal—to increase your income via consumer purchases. SEO practices will help you reach this goal, by helping you get more visitors to your site, but the work does not stop there. You have to have something that entices a consumer to remain on your website. The more time a visitor spends on your site, the more relevant Google will find your website and increase your page ranking.