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Secure and Reliable KVM VPS Hosting and It’s Advantages

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Lately, Virtualization of resources has gained a lot of popularity. This statement can be substantiated by the how widely we have now been using the drives for storing or working on documents and clouds even in our phones for storing images. We don’t want to be carrying all the data with us all the time and be able to access the same data from elsewhere very easily. Taking the same concept in consideration, Virtualization of hosting has also gained pace. Setting up a Virtual machine almost removes the barrier between a server and an operating system. It increases the usage of resources benefiting the small as well as large scale businesses significantly. Virtualization is typically of two types, complete or partial. A KVM Virtualization is increasingly becoming popular and is being widely implemented.

KVM- the concept:

A KVM is a Kernel based Virtual Machine. KVM is a Virtual private Server which resides on the top of a physical server. The Kernel based Virtual Machine is a virtualization solution for Linux environment. A KVM lets you run various virtual machines, an unmodified Linux or windows image. In the virtualization offered with KVM, every virtual Machine has a private hardware. By hardware, it means that the network card, the graphic card, the adapter, the disk, everything is exclusively available to each Virtual Machine.

KVM VPS Hosting:

Based on the concept of KVM Virtualization, a KVM VPS hosting was mounted. As in KVM for Linux, each KVM VPS hosting has its own server and resources. This means that there is complete isolation of the server from other users on the server. This ensures that the server resources allocated to you will always be independent of the other users sitting on the server.

A KVM VPS hosting also offers you a guarantee that the resources will be completely dedicated to you. Yes, the independence you get with respect to accessing and using the resources in incredible. No matter what, you have full control and access to the resources; the CPU, RAM, HDD, bandwidth, and speed everything that is allocated to you will remain available to your applications. Always. A KVM operates independently without any reliance on the host node’s kernel.

It accepted that a VPS hosting is always better than a dedicated servers or shared hosting in terms of performance and cost-effectiveness. Using a Kernel-based Virtual Machine Virtual Private Server hosting is even more advantageous.

Using a KVM VPS has the following advantages:

1. Dedicated resources:

A KVM VPS hosting ensures that it operates in isolation. No resources are restrained and all the resources are available exclusively for your hosting. Thus providing you reliable, dedicated resources all the throughout the time of the operations. KVM VPS offers you an isolated Kernel, an independent operating system, full access to the control panels, and a CPU and RAM. With KVM VPS, you will never run out of resources.

2. Increased Power:

In case your customer raises a demand to load a custom PHP module on the website, or you need to customize the web server as per the client’s demands, KVM VPS hosting is at your rescue! It offers you an ability to completely optimize your web server, PHP, mailing server, MySQL server, or installing a specific application. Hence giving you great operational power.

3. No interference by neighbors:

The resources you get in a KVM VPS hosting are totally exclusive. There is no stake of any other website on the resources of the server that resides on the same server as yours. You enjoy the privilege of a dedicated server hosting.

4. Security:

A KVM offers an increased security to your VPS hosting. Since the resources are exclusive and unrestrained, there is no effect of other websites on yours. If a user of the server tries to run applications and runs out of resources taking their server offline, the effect on your website will be nil as your resources will not be drained. In case some other user runs an outdated program that may cause the server to corrupt or a security threat, your account will not be affected even then. Thus ensuring a high level of security to your account.

5. Dedicated IPs:

A shared hosting or reseller hosting use the same IP address to handle all their mails. Thus if you send mails at the same time that another user is sending mail, your email lands up in the SPAM folder, as a result, the receiver of the mail doubts the authenticity and credibility of the mail. With KVM VPS, you have your own IP address, thus all your mails will be sent from your IP and the reputation of your email will be under your control.

The features provided by the KVM VPS hosting are incredible and definitely give you an edge over you’re your competitors especially if your website is the key to your business.

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