What are the 7 secrets to success?

Being successful is one of the biggest life ambitions for many people. But what is the definition of success? By all means, success is what follows when you accomplish your aims or dreams. It is your inner feeling of accomplishment that comes along with the recognition of others.

This is why so many people want it. Success makes us feel good about ourselves and makes other people respect or even admire us. And these are the two ultimate conditions for our happiness, that is why being successful in life is so important.

So, is there a universal recipe for success? Unfortunately, not. Mainly because success always means different things to different people. However, here are 7 secrets to success for achieving your goals and living a successful life.

1. Define what success is for you.

This is the most significant step on your way to success. What is it that you have to do or become in order to be successful? Success can be defined in an infinite number of goals and aims:

– a brilliant lawyer career
– three beautiful children
– 1 million dollars on your bank account
– having travelled the world
– visiting space
– creating a featured film

These are just some examples of how people see their future success. Moreover, your vision of success may change in time, as you accomplish your goals and move forward. So, your first task should be to clearly define what success is for you and move towards the desired image.

2. Set SMART goals to achieve success.

Your success may be represented as a statement, for example, “I want to be a famous director”. This ultimate goal can be broken down into several steps, which can be further broken down into short-term goals. Planning the short steps makes your goal achievement so much easier. There is a useful technique for formulating your aims, which is called SMART. It stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound goals that you set for yourself. An example of a smart goal could be “I want to write a short-film script of 10 pages in the next 2 months”. Such small steps will make your vision of success into a tangible goal.

3. Take on a positive attitude to failure.

Effective people never let failure affect them emotionally. Although it may be hard to make mistakes, we need to take failures as an opportunity for growth and a valuable lesson. Reshape your reactions to negative events so that you take them as something positive. This change will help you significantly, in all areas of life.

4. Leave your comfort zone.

The best things lie beyond your comfort zone. Make it a rule for yourself to do something new, something you have never done before every week, or even every day. Small steps, like trying new dishes or a physical activity, will help you take bigger steps. Always say yes to every experience that comes your way, even if it scares you, and success will inevitably follow.

5. Get rid of toxic people.

You do not have to talk or be anywhere around people who constantly criticize you or tell you-you are not good or capable enough to achieve what you aspire for. Even if those people are your closest relatives – you do not have to take negativity into your life. Avoid interacting with such people as much as you can, for they will hold you down.

6. Find a life balance.

There is no point in working 24 hours a day and then be a successful, but a very sick person who cannot enjoy life anymore. Success is also not complete without the loved ones you can share it with. Embrace life balance and always have time for yourself, your health, sports and your friends and family.

7. Always strive for more.

Be ambitious. Whenever you achieve a goal or make progress, set new higher aims, and keep yourself busy. Life belongs to those who never stop.

Team ONH
Team ONH
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