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6 Secret Adventure Destinations In Mumbai That You Didn’t Know About

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Every individual’s life in this busy world is filled with intense stress and pain. Many surveys are conducted on stress relieving activities, and one proven study is traveling. Traveling always relieves stress out of your life. Planning a holiday destination with family and friends is not a big task when you really enjoy coming out of a busy life. And there are many adventurous destinations in and around your busy city lives. Today let’s pick Mumbai city.

Mumbai, one of the most well noted metropolitan city, has assorted things to explore, as in shopping, sightseeing, tasty foods and the glimpse of your beloved Bollywood celebs. But do you know that we have some of India’s best adventurous destinations around Mumbai? Yes, in this article, we are going to explore those adventurous destinations where I’ll also include some of my thrilling experiences at these locations.

Della Adventure Park at Lonavala

On top of the list, there is Della Adventure Park at Lonavala. It is 82 km away from Mumbai. In this park, we can experience insane feats such as bungee jump and dirt biking. The weather and surroundings at Della is cool and calm with cherishing flora and fauna filling your camping place with full of joy. I had been to Della and enjoyed the adventure sports that it had to offer to the fullest.

Trekking at Lohagad Fort

In the list, the second place is occupied by Lohagad Fort. This is 98 km away from Mumbai. Lohagad fort on Sahyadri range depicts the true Maratha culture. Trekking at Lohagad fort is adventures and fun filled. While trekking we can feel the refreshing warmth of nature in our mind and body.

Explore the Cave Temples at Karjat

The third adventurous hub around Mumbai is Karjat. Karjat is 63 km away from Mumbai. This place lies on the banks of the Ulhas River. Karjat is famous for its ancient rock-cut cave temples, natural scenic viewpoints, huge mountains, and big forts. The famous Kondana caves, built by Buddhist monks are just 14kms away from Karjat station. Including these there are many adventure sports like trekking, rappelling, waterfall climbing and river rafting that one can do around Karjat.

Paragliding at Kamshet

Next on our list is Kamshet. Kamshet is 102 km away from Mumbai. It is very famous for paragliding. Those who want to feel the sky and enjoy flying high should definitely experience paragliding at Kamshet. I was initially scared about seeing people screaming while flying. But when I experienced it myself, I surmised that the expression “on top of the sky” should be derived from this sort of experience.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Malvan

Malvan, which is 533 km away from Mumbai, is famous for snorkeling and scuba diving. Snorkeling or scuba diving activities are guided by professionals and they ensure that safety is the first preference at this place. We can feel the refreshing water on our face and can relish the beauty of the aquatic life at Malvan.

True Jungle Adventures at Dandeli

Last on our list, but not the least, is Dandeli which is a town in Karnataka, is well connected to Mumbai. This is 583 km away from Mumbai. It is famous for its Jungle safaris. People, who want to explore the jungle life pictured so wonderfully in “The Jungle Book” should come to Dandeli. The adventurous and exciting feeling we experience here is unforgettable. I felt like a real daredevil spending a night on tree top house in the forests of Dandeli.

Above mentioned are some of the best adventure destinations around Mumbai city. These destinations have won the hearts of many travelers including me. So while planning for your next adventurous outing, don’t forget to include these places in your check-list. You will experience the most joyful and peaceful days of your life.

Mohan is a Junior Associate at Swag Swami, an online E-Commerce portal for Mumbai and other city themed T Shirts in India. He is also an avid gamer who spends his free time logged into Steam. He also practices Yoga and meditation regularly and teaches Yoga at the Cosmopolitan Center in India.

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