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4 Types of Video Content That Can Be Created Using a Screen Recorder

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In the same way that video cameras allow you to record live action video footage, a screen recorder will let you record videos directly from your screen. By doing that you can capture footage of anything on your screen – including software, websites, games, and much more.

Although people tend to think rather one-dimensionally when it comes to the video content that can be created using screen recording, the options are actually a lot more diverse than you may realize. In fact there are four types of content in particular that screen recording excels at creating:

1. How-to guides or tutorials

Seeing as this is the type of content that most frequently is created using screen recording, it is not surprising that it is the one that you immediately associated with it. Screen recording is the perfect tool to create how-to guides involving software, but it can do more than that.

Simply put you could create guides for any action or product that is digital. That includes web-based platforms, services, digital art, or even eBooks.

2. Expert interviews

Odds are you’re fully aware that expert interviews are a very popular type of video content – but did you know that they can be created using a screen recorder? Rather than conducting a face to face interview, you can interview the subject via a video call and record it from your screen.

While recording expert interviews in this way may not have the same appeal as face to face interviews – it is much more convenient for both you and the subject. Some subjects may even be more likely to agree to an interview if they know it will be carried out via a video call.

At the end of the day for this type of video to work, you need to know how to conduct an interview, however.

3. Lists

Another popular type of content that can be created with screen recording are lists. If you want to come up with a list video about a topic that involves anything digital (i.e. software, websites, web-based apps, etc.) then screen recording will allow you to record the footage that you need.

With a video, you can actually show footage of each list item being used – which is far more compelling than a still image. Try to focus on the benefits of the list items when going over them, and you should be able to create a compelling piece of content.

4. Product videos or demonstrations

As you can imagine screen recording is a good way to create product videos or demonstrations of any digital product. For software, online platforms, websites, or even some services – screen recording can help let viewers know why they should be seriously considering buying or subscribing.

Although many digital product videos prefer animation for its whimsical quality, screen recording is a good alternative that is both easier to produce and cheaper.

Based on the types of videos listed above you may be starting to have several ideas of your own regarding the type of content that you want to create. If that’s the case just go ahead and grab a PC or Mac screen recorder such as Movavi Screen Capture Studio and give it a try.

Overall you’ll probably find that creating video content using screen recording is a lot easier than with live action videos – as you will have greater control over the factors that affect it. In fact, you may end up preferring to use screen recording to create content, especially if you fully explore the options that are available.

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